Inactive [MECH] BetterSnow V1.5 - Snow that piles up - CUSTOM BLOCKS WITHOUT A CUSTOM CLIENT [1.0.0-R1]

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    BetterSnow - The plugin for snow that piles up!
    Version: v1.5

    This plugin piles up snow layers into blocks, to run, place the jar in your plugins folder, and run your server to generate a config file, configure and use away!
    Read more at my blog!


    Copyright (open)

    [*** COPYRIGHT NOTICE ***]
    This document is Copyright ©(2011) and is the intellectual property of the author. It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

    Note: I will share source code, when messaged, but decompiling this is going to get you into some deep, deep shit.

    • My plugin makes snow layers into blocks
    • The minimum time is configurable
    • You can choose the max height for a pile of snow
    • It has a configurable property so you can add a random amount of time on to the minimum
    • Hretsam - General help
    • Bleachisback - Helped with config
    • jimbo8 - Requested Plugin
    To do:
    • Configurable height limit - Added in V1.1
    • Redo configuration method - Added in V1.4
    • New snow system (MAJOR UPDATE)
      • Custom heights for snow (W/O CLIENT MOD!!!) - Added in V1.5
      • Snow that gets trampled down
      • Snow that regenerates
    • Your suggestion here!

    Source Code - Please PM me and ask rather then going and decompiling my work, I haven't released my work as it isn't neat, if you want it, I will,

    Version 1.5
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.0
    Version 1.4
    • Switched to Bukkit's standard configurtion
    Earlier Versions (open)

    Version 1.3
    • Renamed plugin to BetterSnow
    Version 1.2
    • Added new property so you can configure the random time added on to the lowerbound(was 10)
    Version 1.1
    • Added maximum height
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin Release

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    Yo, tster :D You are the best one ever! Thank you soo much! Gonna test it now and give you the results. Thanks. Jimbo8.

    It works awesome, but, they doesn't always grow randomly.
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    Ima work on it, blocks tend to form on top of each other, and not spread
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    Can u make avalanches? 0.O
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    No but I can try :p
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    I got one more bug. I made a house with the snow, and the "wood" in the house is being "changed" with the snowblocks.(Sorry for bad english :( )
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    So wait, what?

    What sort of wood? planks logs?

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    would give it a go if i could log onto my server =( i cant work out why its not loging into
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    Hay wats the config do whats 60 mean?
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    Growth time.

    Wooden planks.(Sorry for double post)

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    I have no idea how to use this. I have this as my config and set the time, but nothing happens :S

    #Edit to change time to form snow block
    Wed Jul 20 14:22:50 MDT 2011
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    All you have to change is the 60, this is the minimum time to form a snow block
  13. Does this mean the first snowlayer will eventually turn into a snow block, then it snows, and another snow layer forms on top of that, and then another snowblock will form? How high will this go? :)
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    It will go forever, probably v1.1 coming soon with customisable limit, but only get internet on wednesday, at coffe shop atm :p
  15. Nice :). Looking forward to that :) My players are gonna hate me, for making them shovel snow :D
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    When does v 1.1 come out?
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    Soon, got internet now
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    Some screenshots or video would be good.
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    Yeh, can anyone do that, only have my mac atm and only had it for a few weeks so im still learning 2 use it and setting up a development enviroment

    Updated to V1.1.

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    Good :)
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    Will add a video and snow spreading soon. any ideas?
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    could someone explain:
    > what is this, what does it do?
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    lowerbound is the shorest time it will take to form into a block

    Can anyone make a video?

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    screen shot?
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    Leon Philips

    Wow ,amazing!
    I'm thinking to clean up my server for once and for all and start over again :D (THAT may plugins I'm using is to big :p)
    When I did that your plugin WILL get into my plugin's folder :) Nice job dude ,looking forward to it to test!

    Just an question... do you have an wall of snow when you enter the snowbiome or is it smooth'nd out :p?
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    good question, I assume you mean on the verge between biomes, I'm not sure :p
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    I can make a video for you.
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    Yes please :D
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    As far as avalanches go, you're probably better off waiting for @mindless728 to finish RealFluids. He's doing a recode now which will allow any block id to behave like a fluid.
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    i could add this as a fluid to create, call it RealAvalanche (maybe?)

    OP don't worry i won't even be looking at your code, though a specific release like this will more than likely have better performance

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