[MECH] Azimuth v0.2 - Compass points to last place died and more [1000]

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    Azimuth - Compass points to last place died and more

    Version: v0.2
    Latest craftbukkit build tested against: 860

    This Bukkit plugin allows players holding compasses to change where the compass points. Right clicking with a compass in hand will change the mode and send a message to the player.

    • World spawn -- Points to the current world's spawn point
    • Personal spawn -- Points to where player last spawned (bed,world spawn). Location won't change from "World Spawn" until you spawn to your bed after death.
    • Last death -- Points to last location of death. This is set after the player dies.
    Player right clicks while holding compass. Player is sent message that compass mode is "World Spawn". Compass will now point to the world's spawn point.
    Player right clicks while holding compass. Player is sent message that compass mode is "Personal Spawn". Compass will now point to the last place the user spawned.
    Player right clicks while holding compass. Player is sent message that compass mode is "Last Death". Compass will now point to the last location that the user died. If the user hasn't died yet, the plugin will warn the player and set compass to "Personal Spawn" mode.
    Player right clicks while holding compass. Compass changes to "World Spawn" mode. Etc...

    Players can now add and remove modes from their rotation. New commands have been added to support this.
    /compassAdd <mode name> -- Adds the specified compass mode to rotation
    /compassRemove <mode name> -- Removes the specified compass mode from rotation
    /azimuth -- Lists the commands available through my plugin

    Download The Test Plugin v0.2
    Source Code

    Past Version Jar Files:
    Azimuth v0.1

    Version 0.2
    • Players can add and remove modes from their rotation
    • Added three new commands
    Version 0.1
    • Players have individual settings(mode compass was last in, location of death, etc...)
    • Creation of three modes
    • Other basic implementation
    • Make sleeping in bed change personal spawn point
    • Other modes
    • Config settings that allow whether or not message is sent to player when changing modes
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    This looks cool
    add usefulness to the compass :D
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    Great plugin - working nice :)
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    Thanks! Are there any other modes that you think could be useful? I was thinking of adding a custom location that the player could choose to have the compass point to.
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    Yeah, a true "north" mode could be cool. Was also thinking this could be good for quests. I'm planning on setting up a pilgrimage quest on my server to ensure players have explored the server before granting build rights. Perhaps right-clicking on a sign that has coordinates on the last line? Players could create signposts with several signs showing locations of different interesting features.
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    Oh my goodness. How did I not think of that? North mode will be in v0.2.
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    Would also be good to see this integrated into the tombstone plugin (sourcecode is available). The "/tombfind <#>" command used to point the compass to the chosen tombstone (each player can have multiple tombstones) to help locate it. If nothing else, perhaps the ability to point at the past few deaths using a command (since a player might die whilst trying to get to their last death location)?
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    This is actually a genious plug-in, the only fault I see is that the 'point to last death point' mode loses its functionality, as you dont spawn with a compass. Of course, if you spawned in your house with a surplus of compasses, thats another story.
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    Yes, I would expect players to respawn in their own houses most of the time and to be prepared with a compass in storage, otherwise they're on their own :D
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    Pretty much what Zarius has said. I realized that finding a compass to find your death place is a little inconvenient when I was testing it. I had to kill off my character so many times. I created a death-hole to drown myself in :D. To be honest, it's something I can't really help.

    The signs sound interesting to implement. As well, I'll look into the tombstone plugin. Thanks for the reference!
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    hey... wait... woot, notch finally fixed the compass thing?
    Nice plugin btw.
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    I wrote this plugin a week or two ago, only to find that vanilla minecraft was broken. I updated yesterday and tested out the plugin randomly.
    Don't forget that my code is posted on github (link in original post), so you can see what interacting with compassi is like.
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    As a sidenote, with compasses working properly again, maybe its time for me to start work on a treasure hunter plugin. Would be an interesting experience.
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    Yeah, love that the compass is moddable again - should see some nice stuff come out, like this one :)

    Another idea with the signs - perhaps you could accumulate compass point info and use like "/compass list" (showing name and location saved from the sign) and "/compass <number>" to select a point, that way you don't need to walk back to the sign once you've already found it. Much as I prefer commandless plugins I don't see a way to implement this idea without commands.
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    Yes, you're setting the compass location with bukkit API and not any hacky stuff. Well that's nice, Notch did something good with this update ;) Btw, I have a add-on plugin to namespace that does this among other things. But there are of course a lot of other things you can do with the compass :)
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    Custom locations (with option to save and recallable list?) and maybe other players?
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    Just letting you know, this conflicts with WorldEdit, which uses the compass as a navigation tool, right click and you tely to where you clicked, so it could be annoying while switching through, maybe some commands? Or maybe Have multiple compasses?
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    I agree with KHCraft, this does conflict with the WorldEdit commands and I would download if there were aliases or commands to use this plugin. Thanks
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    I have Permissions, or is this auto on and off?
    i'd like the codes for that please...
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    Yes, it does conflict with the WorldEdit "navigation tool" for those that have the permissions - I fixed this by changing the WorldEdit tool to be a clock.
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    If it conflicts with worldedit, too bad for worldedit, he can use a different tool.

    Modes I'd like to see (some/all of these already suggested, just adding my vote for them)
    * True north
    * Set a custom location (maybe left-click a block with the compass to set to that block?)
    * Track other players (maybe left-click a player, every X seconds the compass will update to point to that players location?)

    Also I really need to update personal spawn location when you right-click a bed, without that it's kind of annoying since you need to die first before you can compass your way back to your house.
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    any1 tested this on 860 ?
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    I just tested it. It works for craftbukkit build 860.

    On another note, working on version 0.2 today. Hopefully, I'll be able to release it tonight. At latest, tomorrow.

    EDIT: Had some trouble logging into my account yesterday and today. Extending release to Thursday afternoon. Sorry guys.
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    Version two is out. Let me know what you guys think.

    I know that this is not a super useful update, but it was needed for future features.
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    Raymond Doerr

    This is a great plugin! Because of the way my server is setup, both Personal Spawn AND World Spawn are useless to me. I use a plugin called SpawnControl to handle 100% custom spawning. But by nature, SpawnControl breaks default compass controls, since your Personal AND World spawn are always the same location no matter what (..and they're not used anymore anyway).

    But! The ability to point to where you died is great and perfect for my server!

    Problem is, when I remove all other functions and ONLY allow the compass to find their death location when you die, it defaults to looking for the world spawn. You have to right click the compass to switch it to death location. I'd love if it would just default to it if no other options are allowed. Can this be done? :)

    Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but I'd hate to see one of my players forget to right click on their compass, and end up walking to the map's world spawn. That would be just awful, considering the "real" world spawn is in the middle of no where and not actually used on my server since SpawnControl does the respawn work.

    EDIT: Also, a great alternative would be if you could have it always point to the last bed you slept in, regardless of all other settings.
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    It can be done. I can try my hand at config files and let you choose to only have death pointed out. Technologically, it can be done. The thing is though, I have to see the player die to be able to point to it. There isn't a handle that lets me see where the player last died. There is a point in time when I don't have this information: after the plugin is enabled and before the player first dies. I would have to figure out a way to tell the player that the compass isn't pointing correctly without being annoying. I could print a message every time they switch over to the compass, but you can see where it points without holding it. If I could get ahold of the behavior that the compass does it hell, that would be great, but so far haven't found anything.

    Once I figure out a way to show that the compass doesn't have an accurate location to point to that is intuitive, I'll code it. Any suggestions?
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    Could you make the compass needle spin around randomly? I don't know if you can force that, like when you're in nether, if not, then maybe just update the location to player's location +/- 10 blocks every few seconds?
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    Just wanna say thanks for this plugin. Helped me write my own compass-related shenanigans (by seeing your idea with the custom class being stored in the hashmap, as opposed to raw data). It's been out for a while, but I gave you a shout out :)

    Maybe you'll have more luck when it comes to loading/saving compass targets on restarts, because I've hit a brick wall in trying to do so (most likely due to my limited experience with plugins)

    Anywho, keep up the good work!
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    Ah, thanks!

    Have you tried using the database we have access to? I don't know if the information in the database lasts across enabling and disabling the plugin. If it did, you could store information in onDisable() and try and pull it back up again on onEnable(). Have you been trying something like this? If so, let me know how it is going. I may eventually need to use it.
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    I'd second a request for a track player function.

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