[MECH] Autorun Commands v3.2.4 - Set custom commands to run automatically [1.5.2-R1.0]

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    Autorun Commands - Set custom commands to run automatically
    Version: 3.2.4

    Made in response to this thread.

    Visit the BukkitDev page for more details and downloads.

    Want to execute a command which displays stats just by right clicking the desired player? Or how about giving them a rose or 64 many, many times with ease? Or even make a command run which kicks players if they walk over a certain block? You can do that and more with this plugin!

    • Allows the execution of a command simply by right clicking on a player
    • Allows the execution of a command simply by walking over a block
    • Allows the execution of a command simply by pressing a stone button
    • Allows the execution of a command simply by dying
    • Allows the execution of a command simply by respawning
    • Allows the execution of a command at server start up
    • Allows the execution of a command on a regular interval
    • Allows the execution of a command when a player joins
    • Allows the execution of a command when a player first joins
    View the source here.

    Check out my sweet site here.

    Enjoy my mods? Donate here! Dislike my mods? Donate here (and give feedback)! Powers of two are cool (e.g. $1.28, $2.56, etc.).

    Past versions (open)
    Version 3.2.2:
    • Allow death commands to be set with GLOBAL.
    • Fixed problem of not being able to set OP commands for auto death commands.
    Version 3.2.1:
    • Replaced depreciated code.
    • Fixed some player messages.
    Version 3.2:
    • Option to have a delay for join commands added.
    • Bug fix for OP startup commands.
    Version 3.1.2:
    • Fix for when Multiverse would not load before AutorunCommands.
    Version 3.1.1:
    • Support for the plugin MultiWorld.
    Version 3.1:
    • First join commands.
    • Toggle for first join commands.
    • Multiple join commands executed.
    Version 3.0.3:
    • Fixed bug where respawn commands are executed when player was loading.
    Version 3.0.2:
    • Fixed bug which caused multiple instances of repeat commands to run.
    Version 3.0.1:
    • Fixed bug which occurred if there was no join command.
    Version 3.0:
    • Finally fixed multiworld bug.
    • Added display commands for blocks.
    • Added display commands for repeating tasks.
    • Added display commands for commands.
    • Command blocks can only be destroyed by an OP player.
    • Remembers the time remaining for a repeating task when the server is shutdown.
    • Allows commands to be executed when a player joins.
    Version 2.7.2:
    • Remove repeat command bug fix.
    Version 2.7.1:
    • Bug fix which caused the repeat commands to be saved and read incorrectly.
    Version 2.7:
    • Allows commands to be executed at a set frequency.
    Version 2.6:
    • Allows commands to be executed upon a player's death.
    • A myriad of bug fixes
    Version 2.5:
    • Allows buttons to cause a command to execute.
    • Fixed op command removal.
    Version 2.4.1:
    • Changed event listeners to support the new Bukkit event system.
    Version 2.4:
    • Added op support for command blocks.
    • Added a remove command command.
    Version 2.3:
    • Added ability to set commands to run at server start up.
    Version 2.2:
    • Added the ability to assign commands which are run by an op (console).
    • Allow commands to be executed upon player execution.
    Version 2.1:
    • Made command blocks more responsive.
    Version 2.0:
    • Gave blocks to ability to initiate the execution of a command.
    Version 1.0:
    • Added the ability to have a global command.
    Version 0.1:
    • Release.
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    Do you use a multiworld plugin? If so, which one is it?
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    Hum, I use Multiverse and recieve no problems...However I only setup commands on the 'main' world. I wonder if this has anything to do with it...I can test out setting up a block command on another world that isn't the main and see if Multiverse causes the problem. Possibly the worlds fail to load, or do not load quickly enough, for the plugin? So it recognizes the block as destroyed?
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    Yep, I juse MultiWorld, and also my main world has an different world, it's called "Real".
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    Ok, if past events are to go by, then it is because you are using a mulitworld plugin that is not Multiverse or My World. For it to be saved/loaded I need to add a 'depend' statement

    Which is something I will do when I find this 'MultiWorld' plugin

    Version 3.1.1

    Support for MultiWorld added

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    How would one go about making it auto-run "F Save" every 15 minutes?
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    Set a command to run at a set period (in seconds)
    • type: /addrepeatcommand <identifier> <time_interval>
    I'm Guessing put your command in the <identifier> Space, and the <interval> is in seconds. So 15 minutes is (15*60=900)
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    Version 3.1.2: Just a small fix to make Multiverse (once again) load before AutorunCommands.
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    This is a Great Plugin, I use it to make life easier for staff and players alike,
    We make players just walk through a doorway, to activate a command like pvp on/off.
    It works great,

    Thanks for your Plugin.
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    Version 3.2, the last feature update for some time.

    Apart from a bug fix, this version allows a delay for player join commands.
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    Can let players use they have no jurisdiction used command?:(
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    Only players with OP status can set commands.
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    I mean could let players use OP set command
    Such as a player has no set time limits of authority
    But OP set up a button
    Players can press the button to use time command
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    Any player can trigger the commands.

    EDIT: Apologies if my comments are not answering your questions properly. I am having difficulties understanding what you are saying.
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    The command of the set OP
    Ordinary people can use?
    How to operate?
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    This is basically how it runs:
    [OP section (set up section)]
    Create command identifier
    Set identifier to event, block etc.
    [/OP section]
    [Trigger section]
    Anything which causes the event to trigger
    e.g. ordinary player walking over block, server starting up, player right clicking another player etc.
    [/Trigger section]
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    Can you give us a teaching video?
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    Maybe...eventually. In the meantime, the 3 steps given in the original post should be sufficient.
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    This plugin is quite confusing, you should make a tutorial.

    What EXACTLY would I type to set it to use the "/f save" command every fifteen minutes?
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    Could you then describe to me which part of the 3 step explanation is confusing, because the explanations given seem simple enough to me (that may be due to having all the pre-requisite knowledge).

    /addopcommand bleh f save
    /addrepeatcommand bleh 900
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    hey man, I am totally in love with this plugin, but I stopped using it because my data kept resetting somehow... is that fixed yet? and does it run on 1.3?
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    Is it that your block data keeps being reset or all the others as well? It is probably the same problem which several other people (that are not me) seem to be getting. But apart from that, it does run with the most recent RB of Bukkit.
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    it's just the blocks not the itedentifiers are not being whiped.
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    please add leave command
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    So I've always have had trouble with this plugin. What if I want to auto restart my server?
    I want it to say "Reloading Server in 1 minute" Every 20 minutes and then after 20 minutes make it auto reload the server. And every time I tried doing this: /addrepeatcommand say 600 it said it's invalid
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    Did you create an identifier beforehand (like in "Step 1" in the "How To Use" section)? If so, do you mind showing me how you did it?
  27. There are some variable to auto detect the name of the player who dies?.

    For example %player_name% --- %name% --- %nick%
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    Did you try to ask the question that is in this quote? If so, then my answer is no.
    While it sounds like an interesting feature, it would be out of this plugin's scope.
  29. Sorry for my English.

    What I need to know is this:

    When a player dies, the test command is executed on the player killed. I need the plugin, automatically fill the command with the nick of the player killed.

    For example:

    /addacommand test say %player_name% You died!

    /setdeathcommand test %player_name%

    Thus I can create general commands for all players, without having to add them one by one ...
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    Ah right. You can do that with the word 'potato' for the commands which involve an active player (which means not the server or startup commands) as shown below.
  31. Oh, thank you. Do not I read this paragraph :O

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