[MECH] Autominer - mine with the "mine"cart. (former MinecartMania Mining) [1.2.3-R0.3]

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    The new, complete rewritten "MinecartManiaMinig" Plugin.
    Old version using MinecartMania for 1.1 and older here.

    Tired of mining 1000sends and millions of blocks to find ore or build a huge monster spawner?
    This is right plugin for you. "Mine" fast and precise with your minecarts.


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    * Download the version you want / need.
    * Put the AutoMiner.jar in the plugin folder.
    * Start Bukkit.


    Use a minecart to mine blocks. Bring your Mine to the next level of automation.

    Use a minecart to build kilometers of tracks and subways without using a picke once (combine "AutoPlace" and "AutoMine" does the trick!) ;)

    Versions not listed below did not have public releases.

    Version 0.05
    * Download <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Tested with Minecraft "1.2 Preview" 1.2.3 R0.3
    * Mining of all Blocks in a certain range
    * "chop it all" mode for tree. (gets all Logs from a tree up to 50 Blocks high.)


    - * add permissions and more farming stuff.

    Permission nodes:

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    * none.


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    * AutoMine + second line material values. Use ":" to seperate material ids or "-" for a range. ("1:2:3-20" will mine all ids between 1 and 20) requires a material list.
    * AutoPlace - places rails (if there are some inside the cart) in front of it.
    * AutoBridge - creates a bridge in front of the cart. (put cobbelstone in it to use!)
    * MineOff - switch AutoMine off
    * AutoPlaceOff - switch AutoPlace off
    * AutoBridgeOff - switch bridge mode off
    * switchiton - does the same as "automine", "autoplace" and "autobridge" on one sign. requires a material list.
    * minealloff - turns all mining features off.
    * DumpMaterial - dumps all items listed on the sign. (they get mined, but NOT placed in the cart.) requires a material list.
    * DumpOff - turn dumping off
    * reverseoff - clears the reverse status of a cart
    * rangex: (a number in the same line) "rangex:5" sets the width, alias horizontal area to mine. value over 10 get very laggy.
    * rangey: (a number in the same line) "rangey:5" sets the height, alias vertical range to mine. value over 10 get very laggy

    <font color="#ff0000">WARNING!</font>

    <font color="#ff0000">Use this plugin only on a secured server AND secure the plugin with proper permissions. This plugin is a tool of mass destruction if used by griefers!</font>

    Videos of the old MinecartMania Version. - It is NEARLY the same
    (will be updated if the first version is running smooth.

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    Using the sign to make full-automated tunnel or bridge.

    The result of 4 Stacks of rails in a auto-building cart

    Using manual placed curves to influence the movement of the cart

    Usage of DumpMaterial

    Sorry, my development machine only has 2GB RAM and dual XEON 3.2GHZ, so it laggs it bit while running server, client and video recorder. The "pooping tracks" or that minecart just stops while moving won't appear on a "real" server.

    * <font color="#ff0000">DumpMaterial / Automine does not work! / Everything is droped!</font>
    * <font color="#008000">Do NOT use Automine and DumpMaterial on the same sign. Use two of Signs.</font>[/COLOR]
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    0.3 isn;t out yet
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    right. but the plugin isn't out, too ;)
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    I don't see a download link, moved to WIP
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    when will it be out?
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    come on guy, we need a download link
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