Inactive [MECH] AutoCrafter (1.15) - turns a workbench into a factory! [CB1.2.3 R0.3]

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    Turn one or more workbenches into a manufacturing line. - Create full automated factories!

    (best used with MinecartMania and automated farming!)


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    * Download the version you want / need.
    * Put the Autocart.jar in the plugin folder.
    * Put the MinecartManiaCore.jar in the plugin folder.
    * Start Bukkit.


    * Full automated crafting
    * Supports up to 40 Workbenches per unit
    * Supports up to 40 Chests per unit
    * Supports up to 40 Sign (Recipies) per unit

    Versions not listed below did not have public releases.

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    * Version 1.00 - 1.09

    - * Development Versions, really buggy so no Download!
    * proof-of-concept Crafting plugin.
    - Version 1.10
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Tested with CB1000 / CB1060 / minecraft_server 1.7_3
    * for features and usage see video below.

    Version 1.15
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Tested with CB Build 18 for 1.2.3 and MM Server 1.2.3 (1.2 Preview)
    * upgraded for new bukkit event system
    * Now using a dispenser as Trigger, to prevent Redstone lags.

    * let the user set the chest used to output material
    * add permissions
    * <font color="#ff0000">(Your suggestion here!)</font>

    Permission nodes:

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    * none


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    * Sign with first line: AutoCraft
    * 2-4 line recipe. Example (Bookshelf):

    - * 5:5:5
    * 340:340:340
    * 5:5:5
    - Example sign for Planks:
    * autocraft
    * 17
    - Place a dispenser attached to the workbenches and let it dispense something.
    - Each time the dispenser "fires" a item get crafted.

    New Video - Thanks to TheFluffey![{B]

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    Using the plugin for a small manual operated machine and a full automated machine

    Old Videos (not usefull for 1.15!)

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    Using the plugin for a small manual operated machine and a full automated machine

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    i have an idea ...
    can you make please pipes ?
    like if you make a pipe from iron bars and then you connect it with another aurocrafting table you can create from planks --> sticks and then---> ladders

    did you get it ?
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    owner of this plugin. this is a great idea and you are the only developer who made this idea. please keep it going and please update it some more. i would love too see the pipe idea inputed and so when you make a item it would shoot out of the dispenser. also it would be cool if you add these things.

    1. a pipe: so you can transfer items from one chest too another.
    2. dispense the items that are made: so players can make more ideas with their factory.
    3. a chest that swallows the items on top of it: so for example if the dispenser shhots out a item and lands on a chest it can be inside the chest.
    4.furnace enable: so you can make a factory with smelting.

    Thank you and hope you see this comment!
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    I'm using technic pack now. So lese don't expect a lot of development... - If you like you can do it yourself. The code is included in the jar.

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