Inactive [MECH] AnyReg v0.5 - Respawns destroyed blocks (like ClayReg, but for any block) [1000]

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    Version: v0.5
    This plugin has been made by DiddiZ, i only fixed it to work with the latest version of CraftBukkit, i will keep manteining and working on it while DiddiZ keep working on his new plugins.

    AnyReg mainly respawns mined clay blocks at a adjustable rate.
    AnyReg initially was released as ClayReg, that only was able to respawn clay. For every block type different settings can be made. If the config can be precised which block respawns at which rate, with which percentage, which blocks can pe replaced by a respawning block and wether player placed blocks should respawn. Due to some blocks beeing very rare, it could be preferable to have regenerating these blocks.
    E.g. respawning clay will replace air and water but nothing else so you can build on a claypit withhout getting blocks from the building replaced. Created clay blocks will be detected, so you can place new clay pits (or not depending of the config). Blocks destroyed with super pickaxe or WorldEdit/CuboidPlugin like editors won't respawn.
    This also appies to AnyReg, unless AnyReg isn't limited to clay. Ideas for regenerating blocks:

    • Clay
    • Pumpkins
    • Flowers and mushrooms
    • Ores and coal
    • Sand
    • Snow
    • Lightstone
    I'm sorry for the short default config only containing clay and pumpkins, a larger version is comming with the regions update, that will propably crash the actual config.

    • Respawns mined selected block
    - Download v0.5
    - Source Code

    Example config.yml:
    saveDelay : 300000
    respawn : [82, 86]
    “82″ :
    regDelay : 360000
    regChance : 0.1
    useBlacklist : false
    canReplace : [0, 8, 9]
    “86″ :
    regDelay : 4320000
    regChance : 0.05
    useBlacklist : true
    canReplace : [0]
    saveDelay - Time in ms between two all block files save cycles in ms (0 to deactivate)
    respawn - Block ids of the blocks that are going to respawn
    regDelay - Timedelay between two regeneration cycles (in milliseconds)
    regChance - Chance of regenerating clay (0.1 means 10%)
    useBlacklist - Determines if placed blocks shall regenerate or be listed in the blacklist to not respawn. In case of not using the blacklist only natual ressources and admin placed blocks respawns
    canReplace - Blocks that can be replaced by a respawning block (0 is air and 999 is any)

    More info and older versions:
    - DiddiZ AnyReg web page.

    Known Bugs:
    • None so far!
    Version 0.5
    • Added code to replace any block with "999" option.
    • Fixed for CB-670.
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed for CB-617.
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    Maybe you can REUP the Plugin ?

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    I updated it. Link in my signature

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