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    AntiPvPLogout - Avoid logging out in PvP.
    Version: v1.3

    This plugin avoids players logging out of the game during pvp fights.
    I'm not sure if it works for running from mobs but it might.

    Video of how it works:

    • Creates an NPC where the character logs out which acts as it.
    • Configurable amount of time the NPC stays.
    Download Version 1.3
    Source Code

    onKick: true
    logoutTime: 10
    - factions
    onQuit: true
    onKick - Spawn an NPC when the player gets kicked.
    onQuit - Spawn an NPC when the player quits the game.
    logoutTime - Amount of time the NPC stays before it gets removed.
    worlds - List of worlds where the plugin is active.

    antipvplogout.noNPC - Disables the NPC Spawning onQuit and onKick for the player.
    Updating from 1.0 to 1.1:
    Just delete the config.yml file inside your AntiPvPLogout folder. Don't delete the folder itself or the players who's inventory will reset will be lost, duping items.

    Version 1.3
    • BukkitPermissions Support!
    Version 1.2.4
    • Double-check for NPC removal. Should avoid duping.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed NPCs not dropping items. Eish I think this time's the charm.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed bugs related to 1.2 Version. Fully tested & Working now.
    Version 1.2
    • Updated to Minecraft Version 1.8 - Haven't tested it!
    Version 1.1
    • Added multi-world support. Choose which worlds you want the protection.
    • Added onQuit and onKick properties.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release.
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    Is this plugin being used? Still being developed?
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    What do you mean by being developed? If there's something it lacks on what it's supposed to do I can easily add it.
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    I really love the idea ! I'll test it

    @Mertainer Can you add a option for just make the npc appear only if disconnect.quitting and not when is a crash ?
    Also, can you add MultiWorld support ?

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    I will test as well :D
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    By multiworld support do you mean enabling it only for certain worlds?

    I'll add the feature for only quitting yes.

    EDIT to avoid double-post: updated to version 1.1.
  7. This is a great plugin..
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    Suggestion a permission node to have a exception to the plugin where if the person with the certain permission node logs out he has no npc left taking his place. - reason to prevent admins from getting robbed when they log out.
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    Hmm, which permission plugins to actually support?
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    Nice very nice ! Could you add iConomy support to do something like : if player disconnect than his attacker get some money from him ? And maybe you could link it with another plugin that set a chest with current inventory in it ?

    With theses 2 options it will be really usefull for my server.

    Any way thank you
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    The Wizard

    Doesn't work in 1.8.
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    Bukkit has not published a stable release for 1.8 now.
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    The iConomy can be done easily, but the chest goes a bit away from the plugin's core imo.
  14. when there will be support for 1.8?
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    You are my hero!
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    I would like to have this plugin updated :)
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    Same, need this plug in 1.8
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    Need this plugin for 1.8, please update!
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    What's not working for 1.8 on this plugin? any errors/
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    It doesn't generate the NPC when the player logs out. No errors.
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    I too am getting this.
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    please someone update this, as this is the only logical way of stopping combat logging on PVP servers, and its a major problem on a server i administrate.
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    Pvp Protection ? ;d (PZ) idea from tibia ? :D

    This feature (Spawn NPC) is useless :S add only time when player cannot logout :D
  25. You cannot prevent a player from logging out.
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    :(((((( you make me sad :ddd
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    Looks very interesting, worth testing :)

    Does it work for PvE too? if the player suffers from monster hits or lava/falling/arrows/traps/piston crusher, anything? :D
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    Doesn't work. No errors.
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    Combat tag came out b4 this and its the same :/
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    It isn't the same... This should generate an NPC without being hit, but it isn't working, no NPC's are made.

    Please fix this, also i hope when you die you respawn at /spawn and not the same location like Combat Tag, what a joke, that update is worse.

    Combat Logging can be done many ways!
    1. Logout being being hit, login have 3 seconds godmode, and kill enemy.
    (I Hope AntiPvPLogout Handles this, because this is the main issue.)

    2. Logout while being hit, login have 3 seconds godmode, and kill enemy.
    (Combat Tag Stops, But You Spawn Same Spot Where You Die)

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