[MECH] AntiCreeper v4.5 - Creeper (and other explosion) controls [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Rothens, Jun 7, 2011.

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    New plugin name is meh. I like anticreeper!

    Yep, nothing actually important to complain about. I like this better than any that came before.
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    okay, reverted to the original name :)
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    Lol thanks!
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    I have a few requests, if you can spare the time.
    • Remove Creepers' explosions entirely but give them "fangs" to attack with.
    • Remove only Powered Creepers' explosions but give them "fangs" to attack with. Normal Creepers stay..uh.. normal.
    Thanks if you decide to include these features in your plug-in.
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    I cant seem to find the source code. Am i missing it or did u not post it? Im not a noob if u were wondering...
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    Is it possible this plugin is nerfing fire spread? I only have a handful of plugins and I'm trying to pinpoint what is causing fire to stop spreading on my server.

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    There is another creeper mod that did exactly as you requested... creepers have fang attack instead of explosions. Trying to think of the name of it...
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    It's called BlastControl. BUT, it's not updated, inactive, and it messes with TNT and actually breaks it. And it seems the developer does not have time to fix that. It basically does a bunch of things I don't want it to do. That's why I'm asking you. :p But if you don't want to it's no biggie. It IS just a suggestion.
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    maybe I'll do it in a separate plugin :)

    no, it doesn't :)

    If You really want to see the source, open the .jar with some archiver, then You can decompile the class files :) (e.g. with DJ Java Decompiler)
    But I could make a github for this.

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    Not me! I'm just a fan of this mod =) I was just trying to help you, didn't know the mod was inactive\abandoned. I also didn't know it broke tnt! Since I only used the creeper with fangs part.

    But then I realized it was nice having the creepers blow up and knock you off ledges and such in the process... So I'm content with simply no block damage and being knocked around.
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    I totally didn't realize you weren't Rothens... :p That's what happens when you're up at 3am.
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    This is awesome, good job! :)
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    Hello Rothens,
    First of all sorry for my english, I speak and write it like a little child ;)
    Thank you for this plugins but i've a few troubles with it.
    I've put the plugin (2.5) in the correct folder on my server bukkit, I opened it with notepad +++:
    nerf_Creeper: true
    nerf_tnt: true
    All the "items" are correct.
    So I opened my server and then: all the creeper are "active": they destroy the block when they explose.
    But when I go check the file with notepad +++ all the items are always good, the only trouble I find it's when I am opening config with the classic notepad that's what I saw:

    "nerf_creepers: truenerf_ghasts:truenerf_tnt:truenerfed_worlds:- world- nether" all the items are stuck together, I dont know if it's the reason but it's possible.

    In case of: I've Permissions, MotherNature, Essentials, iChat and iConomy

    Thank you in advance for your response.
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    Is the plugin started? It has to say "Anticreeper v2.0 - STARTED" (uhm.. forgot to update the version :D)
    And is Your world named "world"? :)

    (btw.. it's stucked together for me too in notepad :) Looks like the YAML writer writes only LF instead of CRLF, but that's not a problem)

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    Ahah ya that's it!!! sorry for being a noob ;)
    If I can propose to put a little read me for the newbie like me!!
    Now I can say: Awesome plugin thank you
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    Great plugin. Just downloaded and works great!
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    its not working for me, i get the Anticreeper v2.0 - STARTED in the console however tnt is still going off... my world name is "world" but i started a new world with a specific name and its still not working... running plugins are scavenger, rawcritics_ore_obfuscation_plugin
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    I'll look at that in the morning, I don't really know that plugins :) and now I'm a bit tired to examine them (1.50 am here xP)
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    Thanks a lot for this. Like the creepers, don't like them blowing my houses up! haha
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    i removed all other plugins and still nothing is it a problem if my world name is "world"?
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    no it isn't. Could You send me a startup log? (from the server.log)
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    dude im having troubles aswell it starts up and stuff but creepers still explode and help​
    and no i cant post my server.log 1 cuz i dont kno how to make a spoiler 2 the log is too large to open lolz
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    please make sure, the configuration is correct :) Open the plugins/AntiCreeper/config.yml, and make sure, your world names are included :)
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    This is a brilliant plugin, this is going to make life so much easier. I run a small survival/RPG server with a few friends and the vain of our lives where creepers! Constantly re-building. Now that you can also nerf TnT we can make traps without having the dreaded draw back off the land being ruined.

    My hat goes off to you!
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    thanks :) I try to polish my other plugin, and upload it today. You'll love it on an RPG server ;)
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    Awsome pluign mate, but im wondering:

    - Do you still see and hear creepers explode? i use a different plugin to disable creepers from destroying players work, but you dont see and hear the creeper explode anymore wat i think is the cool part of the creeper ;)
    - Does the 1060 version also work with 1000.
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    You could hear it, see it in the changelog :) I'm not really sure about the visuals, there are smoke puffs, but the creepers aren't flashing (yet)
    Yes, it works with 1k too :)
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    great plugin, there are 3 Anticreeper plugins and this is the best XD
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    Thankyou for this plugin, installing it soon along with a few others if I come across any error's I'll let ya know!

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