[MECH] AntiCreeper v4.5 - Creeper (and other explosion) controls [1.4.7-R1.0]

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  1. simple and awesome plugin.... however, can u add the explosion sound? players seem to be confused when the creeper just disappears
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    I've tried.. but it seems I can't do it :/ But I never give up ^^
  3. haha well that would explain it... seemed odd that it was missing :p
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  5. oh it actually fired explosions in the air? i didnt know.... xD sorry..... what about them exploding but blocks regenerating?
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    that's what the other plugin does, but it's not perfect with redstone for example :) but maybe I'll give it a try
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    Nice plugin, but it would be nice if there was still an explosion animation and sound.
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    Can youa add Multi-World support :) ?
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    Working for #1000?
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    Seriously, dont have to reply to every thread on the forum. read the last page and it will be more than obvious if its not working. nothing broke plugin wise since like 870
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    Sorry if your day is now damaged by this. You could have just not responded if it hurts you so much. I have like 23 plugins on my server and I post this on every one of the threads. Problem?
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    @Gamer_144 @xelotar @Trenix I've just found out how to make sounds :) Enjoy it ^^

    [It's always nice to code at 2:41 am :D]
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  13. thanks, a million times :D you're my hero :D
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    for some reason when i install the anticreeper with antiTNT it overloads my server, but the regular anticreeper doesnt
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    Thanks man, i was looking for this plugin
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    Thanks! I have been looking for one!
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    Wow, this is great plugin thanks for making it! :)
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    ur soo not lazy to do this thing lol????????? :D
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    this is awsome!
    now i can have creepers that dont grief! can you set TNT so that ops can detonate it successfully?
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    You have a bug there, making it impossible to log explosions:

    You don't provide the entity for the explosions
    w.a(null, center.getX(), center.getY(), center.getZ(), 0.0F);
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    you really should add multiworld support!
    i like this plugin for most of my worlds but i also have a few adventure world where you need tnt to finish it.
    i only want tnt and creepers in those worlds...
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    A multiworld would be more than great, I hope you'll add it.
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    The Creepers are just disappearing for me when they explode, no explosion animation. Is this happening for anyone else?
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    Could you please add multiworld support?
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    I'm thankful this plugin exists, and kudos on adding the sound, but as other people note, an explosion animation and multiworld support would be nice. However, my biggest wish at the moment is if this plugin would also stop ghast fireballs from damaging the landscape. WorldGuard has a region flag to disable fireball explosion damage, but it nerfs it against both players and blocks, which is no fun (not to mention I can't get it to work).
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    I can't get this to work on my server =( I downloaded this file and upload it to the plugins folder...what am I doing wrong?
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    Sorry, I was on a vacation, but now I'll dig inside the multiworld support, and the animation :) Thanks for the responses!

    Oh, and I'll add Ghast nerf too ;) But I'll need a new name :) any ideas? ^^

    Does it write anything on the console screen?

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    Hey, just wondering if it would be possible to have creeper protection spanning out from a certain block, for so many blocks?

    I wondering as we're making a creeper arena, and I've added this plug in to protect the redstone and glass in the arena, but its not something I'd want permanently for the rest of the world? So I was wondering if It'd be able to set up a protective bubble for say 10 - 15 blocks around a particular starting block say a gold block or something?

    I'm no good at Java, its why I'm asking really.
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    Yes, it's possible, I already have a code for that, maybe I'll add it in the week :)

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