[MECH] AetaPriest v0.5 - RPG Style Priest plugin - New Spell [953]

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    AetaPriest - RPG Style Priest plugin

    This plugin allows users to cast priest related spells such as healing and buffing. The current release requires Permissions (Tested alongside v2-7-3).

    v0.5 Features:
    • Customized Cooldowns and effects with each spell
    • Command-less Spellbook
    • Heal Spell
    • Buff Spell (With durations)
    • Resurrection Spell
    Download Latest

    I have added a development build which will have more up to date features ;

    Download Testing Version
    -Added "Holy Aura" Spell

    How to use:
    The "spell book" refers to the minecraft book. Priests may select there spells with left click and cast them with right click.
    Spells such as Heal need to be casted on a target.

    Spell Descriptions
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    Heal another player
    Increase the attack damage of another player
    Heal yourself
    When a player dies, before they spawn they have the option to be "Resurrected" a priest may resurrect the player on the spot, so that when they respawn they respawn where they died.
    [Dev] Holy Aura
    Burn nearby zombies and skeletons. If you wish to set Cooldown on this you'll need to create a new node called HolyAura.

    The configuration of 0.5 differs from previous versions;
    Cooldown Refers to the time (seconds) it takes to cast the spell again
    Amount refers to the power of the spell (in half hearts) for how much it heals. For buff spells this specifies how much the spell powers up the person (for instance more damage etc)
    Duration is specific to buff spells it specifies how long they'll last before wearing off
    Distance refers to the effective range of a spell (how far it will reach)

    Sample Configuration:
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        Version: 0.5
            Cooldown: 15
            Amount: 10
            Cooldown: 20
            Amount: 6
            Cooldown: 50
            Amount: 2
            Duration: 600
            Cooldown: 50
            Amount: 2
            Duration: 600
            Cooldown: 600
            Distance: 100

    Permission Nodes:
            - 'AetaPriest.Heal'
            - 'AetaPriest.BuffAttack'
            - 'AetaPriest.BuffDefence'
            - 'AetaPriest.HealSelf'
            - 'AetaPriest.Resurrect'
            - 'AetaPriest.HolyAura'
    Version 0.55
    • Performance Tweaks
    Version 0.5
    • Added durations for buff spells and configuration to go along with it (currently only effects BuffAttack)
    • Added Resurrection spell
    Version 0.4
    • Added BuffAttack and HealSelf spells
    Version 0.3
    • Better cooldown support fixed task handling problem
    Version 0.2
    • Updated features for CB743+
    Version 0.1
    • Initial testing thanks to for Brvtvs and m5k for this v0.1 was designed for CB733
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    Actually, the separate plugin part is what I liked the most about this plugin. Lightweight, no hassle to configure, etc.

    Can I request one thing?
    I am used to left-clicking for casting and right-clicking for changing.
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    what about adding mana with a config?

    Would be very nice !
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    love it! Im using Permissions To Create A Class System on my server. This Instantly got promoted to my Priest Class :D ( with an extra Summon minions spell =x )
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    please update this ;)
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    Since the majority of feature requests are not "Priest" related, i'll be adding a few priest spells. I am in the process of restructuring and creating an entirely new plugin that will follow the style of AetaPriest but encompass far more spells (such as offensive spells).
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    Grammar Troll

    I'm looking forward to that!
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    Its cpu usage. 4 cores + HT.

    ~1-10 => 100-110 => 220-230 => ....
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    Does this work anymore? Guess I'll try it.

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