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    AetaPriest - RPG Style Priest plugin

    This plugin allows users to cast priest related spells such as healing and buffing. The current release requires Permissions (Tested alongside v2-7-3).

    v0.5 Features:
    • Customized Cooldowns and effects with each spell
    • Command-less Spellbook
    • Heal Spell
    • Buff Spell (With durations)
    • Resurrection Spell
    Download Latest

    I have added a development build which will have more up to date features ;

    Download Testing Version
    -Added "Holy Aura" Spell

    How to use:
    The "spell book" refers to the minecraft book. Priests may select there spells with left click and cast them with right click.
    Spells such as Heal need to be casted on a target.

    Spell Descriptions
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    Heal another player
    Increase the attack damage of another player
    Heal yourself
    When a player dies, before they spawn they have the option to be "Resurrected" a priest may resurrect the player on the spot, so that when they respawn they respawn where they died.
    [Dev] Holy Aura
    Burn nearby zombies and skeletons. If you wish to set Cooldown on this you'll need to create a new node called HolyAura.

    The configuration of 0.5 differs from previous versions;
    Cooldown Refers to the time (seconds) it takes to cast the spell again
    Amount refers to the power of the spell (in half hearts) for how much it heals. For buff spells this specifies how much the spell powers up the person (for instance more damage etc)
    Duration is specific to buff spells it specifies how long they'll last before wearing off
    Distance refers to the effective range of a spell (how far it will reach)

    Sample Configuration:
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        Version: 0.5
            Cooldown: 15
            Amount: 10
            Cooldown: 20
            Amount: 6
            Cooldown: 50
            Amount: 2
            Duration: 600
            Cooldown: 50
            Amount: 2
            Duration: 600
            Cooldown: 600
            Distance: 100

    Permission Nodes:
            - 'AetaPriest.Heal'
            - 'AetaPriest.BuffAttack'
            - 'AetaPriest.BuffDefence'
            - 'AetaPriest.HealSelf'
            - 'AetaPriest.Resurrect'
            - 'AetaPriest.HolyAura'
    Version 0.55
    • Performance Tweaks
    Version 0.5
    • Added durations for buff spells and configuration to go along with it (currently only effects BuffAttack)
    • Added Resurrection spell
    Version 0.4
    • Added BuffAttack and HealSelf spells
    Version 0.3
    • Better cooldown support fixed task handling problem
    Version 0.2
    • Updated features for CB743+
    Version 0.1
    • Initial testing thanks to for Brvtvs and m5k for this v0.1 was designed for CB733
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    I'd love to integrate some of this into our Heroes RPG plugin - would you be up for aiding us?

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    I'd Like to carry on with the current path for the plugin since a lot more needs to be done, but i'm looking at the entire healing tree on your server and I believe I might be able to branch the code to encompass the extra needs. Let me know exactly which part you'd need integrating.
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    I go away for a few days and you release v0.5 :eek:
    Sweet job, The Aeta Domain will be happy about more priest buffs :)
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    The methods for the buff atk and buff def im interested in - the Ressing system is quire odd as well - I'd like to know more about how these are done behind the scenes
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    make it complatible with EasyRpg so you can choose what the item is because EasyRPG also uses the book for switching spells... veeeery annoying
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    I updated my Bukkit version and it worked... Sorry for posting.

    Awsome Plugin ;)
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    The retarded host finally let me update my cb to 766 after posting a few support tickets. Plugin is working perfectly, keep 'em spells coming, the priests of the Aeta Domain are greatly pleased.
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    Nice plugin.

    A few thoughts (sorry for the largish post);

    I noticed that there is no timeout on the buffs but I assume that will be fixed in a future version. Due to that, and that it does not use components (like the mage plugin reagent) I'm finding this plug in is a bit over powered. Potentially I could make the cooldowns longer but I what I would like to see is an option to use components for casting (but differ from what is being done for mages), such as destroying a book as part of the spell, and/or other components depending on the spell (eg, burn a book and a bone for resurrection). As it is now, I see everyone just carrying around a single book and having unlimited healing, buffing and ressing.

    Lastly I've read a few comments about expanding the spell list to include magic carpets etc. Never played any game where I saw a priest riding a magic carpet. Definitely a lot of potential here to make other plugins for mages though. You could even expand the idea to a Warrior class where right click while holding your weapon of choice changes the type of attack (eg power swing which does more damage but if you get hit you take more damage).

    Good work so far ... keep it up.
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    I agree with most of what Kalmar said, however using multi-items makes the class change from priest to shawman etc. I don't think loosing the book is needed, but I agree there should be something done about being over powered. Yes cool downs are great but perhaps having Faith Points that like spell costs. Then perhaps the cool downs can replace faith points or visiting an alter and spending some time in prayer.

    Yes I TOTALLY agree with the idea of having other abilities like the Warrior class and other classes that toggle through attack and defense choices.

    This is a FANTASTIC plugin, I truly hope you would consider these ideas. This plugin will be the most likely be the most chosen and used on all RPG servers.

    I have played Table-Top RPG's for over 20 years, so if you need some more ideas, let me know.

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    is this compatiable with mcmmo?
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    Hey, would it be too much to ask for the Essentials Group Manager compatibility? FakePermissions isn't working for this plugin, so I hope that you would consider trying to make this Group Manager compatible as well
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    Would be fantastic if this mod was applied in such a way that a priest needs to do something in particular to become a priest. Possibly pray at an altar or make numerous sacrifices.
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    I've been working out a way to incorporate the suggestions in the thread especially Phealoon's suggestions. I'll work on group manager support as well it shouldn't be a big fix.

    Not sure what you mean compatible with mcmmo?
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    If you want a heal skill in mcmmo, talk to the devs of mcmmo.

    Just got my setup working that utilizes this, it is pretty awesome. Thanks a lot for making it.
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    I think this could be great an maybe it you can make more, like a quota : if you pray once, you can send one skill and pray take any time that can (maybe) be configurable ! then if you want to go to the adventure, you have to stand any time to pray and then prepare the skills
    escuse my english even if this is not too bad... I'm french and not very good with writing.
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    Im not sure if it was mentioned but if u put in terrain altering spells, i would suggest that the alterations only like like 2 or 3 seconds(enough time to collect ur mind) then have the blocks placed/destroyed revert to the origional state

    also, if you could make sure that the admins can change spells or remove them as they see fit, this way people cant abuse the powers
    thank you :)
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    Something i saw in another plugin that may be interesting in this one is to be able to set a bookshelf to have a specific magic spell, and when a player right clicks on that bookshelf they learn the spell.
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    I have some problems on my server where I use this for a group-based priest class in pvp. When I switch to this class, I have to relog to get the spells to work. This is an issue for me because players choose which class they want every time they respawn.
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    Kitteh, I hope that you plan on expanding the priest class skills, and create mage skills soon.

    I was thinking if you added Mage spells some of them could be:

    WaterBreath - Breath Underwater
    Transform - Change any one mob into a pig
    Combust - Catch a mob or another player on fire
    .. etc

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    The download link is broken btw.
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    I'm just moving hosts should be sorted out soon, also looking into some testing builds for the latest craftbukkit build. On a side note i'm dropping support for <737 craftbukkit builds.

    Ok I've pushed one my testing builds out due to performance tweaks there's no harm in staying with v0.5 until v0.6 is out because I'm having problems testing with minecraft 1.51
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    how are combat spells going?
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    Dunno how this was overlooked. But a spell to stop someone from being on fire would be quite an obvious addition here.
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    818 broke resurrect, everything else works fine (Permissions 3.1.2). Keep up the good work.
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    Yeah res is broke,.. people keep trying to use it and it says they are bringing back people who are offline. Anyway I TRULY hope there is an update for this and that he adds mage type spells as well. This is the most popular plugin on my server.
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    Will this plugin ever get updated???
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    sad to see this is not updated, this was one of the most hopefull plugins i saw.
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    I was sort of hoping heroes would show a bit more flesh and be able to extend his code (write a new rpg class) rather then people having to run a separate plugin for this. We shall see how heroes plays out over the next month, i'll write an update to incorporate a lot of the changes I was already making.
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    Timers don't work.
    Both buff spells set to 200, Buff Defence lasts way too long, Buffattack is applied and wears off immediately
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    You can easily integrate skills for other classes with Heroes. We're actually in need of a working RES skill for healer types. - interested?

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