[MECH] advancedRails 0.2 — multiply powered rails velocity [ 1.2 ]

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    This is small configurable mod, similar to PlgRailBoost, but much customizable.
    Compatible with 1.2 API only.
    It allows you to configure custom boost for powered rails by defining boost multiplier for each minecart type.
    Dowload: http://azure.km.ua/minecraft/advancedRails/dw/advancedRails-0.2.jar

    Detailed description and sample config available on:
    Plugin's page: http://azure.km.ua/advancedrails/
    Dev-bukkit page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/advancedrails/

    I'm open for discussion about improvements.
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    Why this thread was moved here ( Inactive/Unsupported )?
    This plugin is actually active and supported by me and I'm working on updates now.
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    I have just posted an update to the plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/advancedrails/
    • Now, each powerd rail can be configured locally by using sign post with configuration values.
    • Configurable ability to force minecarts stop on unpowered rails
    • No autoupdates by default ( can be enabled via config )

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