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    NoTNT, is a simple plugin that disables the placing of tnt and returns the item to the players hand.​
    There are no commands.​
    There are no permissions.​
    I have designed this plugin to be used on my server but I am sharing it with you guy.​
    There is also a huge bonus with no commands and no permissions, The plugin is a drag and drop installation, with no config files.​
    1. UnZip the file.
    2. Drag plugin into plugins folder.
    3. Reload server.
    [1.3.2 ] Plugin Download:

    • Removed: Config
    • Removed: Permissions
    • Added: Support for Craftbukkit 1.3.2 R2
    • Disabled TNT for Op'ed players

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    Do you want Commands and bypass permissions for your server Ops?
  3. Does it come with cake?
    Is the cake a lie?
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    Before that change your title to fit with the Guidelines
    What it should be: [MECH/ADMN/SEC] No TNT! - Simple Configless, No TNT Plugin [1.3.2-R2.0]
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    Lol Nice IDGAF about the title.

    Hahaha lavameh i can make it block cake if you want :p

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    Nice and simple plugin. The only thing is that you need to allow ops to allow tnt. Otherwise this'll remove ALL tnt Whatsoever...
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    Damn, this is the most original idea ever.
    I am amazed there aren't hundreds of anti-tnt plugins.

    Good job!
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    There aren't cuz there are much tut's on how to do them and when a person post that type of plugin it he will get no interest of other developers cuz they're so easy to write.

    Edit: idk how he got ur interest then :D Edit 2: WorldGuard has this feature also thats why
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    I was being sarcastic.
    There are a million of them
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    And we have a winner! Another TNT blocking plugin!
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    Damn people still haven't smartened up and realized that we DON'T need 100's of the same frekin plugin! /rant

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