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    bZone - simple zone control
    Download: bZone BukkitDev IMPORTANT: The creatures section of the config file now controls which creatures can NOT spawn inside the zone!
    If you like the work I've done, or would like to see more features and improvements, please consider donating!
    Version: v1.3.4

    OzRavenheart - $10
    JemiloII - $5

    • customizable zones
    • control which creatures can spawn in each zone
    • control who has rights in each zone
    • multi-world support
    • healing
    • build protection
    • chest protection
    • fire protection
    • explosion protection
    • wilderness control
    • custom messages upon entering zones
    • custom messages upon protection actions
    Known Issues:

    • you can place doors and one or two other items in build protected zones
    Try it out!

    /zone - tells the player which zone they are currently in

    Define your zones like in the included example zones.yml file. Anything outside of all known zones is the wilderness, and is protected.

    YML settings explained:
    __[zone name or zone owner's player handle]: if a player has the zone's name as their minecraft name, they will have rights in this zone
    ____world: [world name] which world this zone is in
    ____enterMsg: [message] OPTIONAL, message to player upon entering zone
    ____min: [x,y,z] minimum coordinates of the zone (bottom left corner of your zone, basically)
    ____max: [x,y,z] minimum coordinates of the zone (top right corner)
    ____healing: [true/false] whether this zone should heal players while they are in it
    ____pvp: [true/false] whether this zone is pvp or not
    ____players: other player that have rights in this zone
    ______- 'playername1'
    ______- 'playername2'
    ____creatures: list of creatures NOT allowed to spawn in this zone
    ______build: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether other players can build in this zone (if not owner and not listed in players list)
    ______explosion: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether explosions are cancelled in this zone
    ______chest: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether other players can open chests in this zone or not
    ______fire: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether fire is cancelled in this zone or not

    Wilderness Control:
    The wilderness can be controlled by a zone named "wilderness" in the config file.
    The only differences are that it has no min or max coordinates and has the property hurting instead of healing, which sets whether players will be damaged while in the wilderness. Players listed in the players section of the wilderness will not be harmed while in the wilderness, and will have rights in the wilderness.

    • Added pvp option
    • Added optional customized messages upon entering zones
    • Added optional customized messages upon protection actions
    • Changed from creatures allowed to spawn, to creatures not allowed to spawn
    • Now protects against placing water and lava
    • Simplified coordinates input (automatically fixes out-of-order coordinates)
    • Wilderness options added
    • Initial release!
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    Ok I've got the coordinates fix in there now, so that should be good when I release the next version. I'm going to wait and fix a few more things first though.

    Hm, I can't get this to happen for me. I have creepers successfully beating me up pretty well, haha. Are creepers listed in the creatures allowed to spawn in the wilderness in your configuration file?
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    By stealing it, I mean that whenever I place Bedrock (Adminidum; 7; etc.) It shows the bedrock on the ground for about a quarter of a second, then it dissapears, and takes all the bedrock from my inventory. This only happens with bedrock.
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    Haha oh ok, I removed that now. That'll be in the next update as well.
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    Yes, I put 'creeper' on the list of allowed to spawn creatures. is it supposed to be 'creepers' ?

    Config file:

    world: world
    hurting: false
    - 'pig'
    - 'squid'
    - 'chicken'
    - 'cow'
    - 'sheep'
    - 'wolf'
    - 'spider'
    - 'skeleton'
    - 'zombie'
    - 'creeper'
    - 'slime'
    build: false
    explosion: false
    chest: false
    fire: false

    The server address is if you want to see what's happening?
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    Ah, "Wilderness" should be "wilderness". It's case sensitive. I'll probably change this for the next version, to make things a little easier.
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    ah, yes that fixed the problem. thank you.

    *Edit* Now the only bug i have left to report is the ability for any player to place water and lava in protected zones.

    Another bugreport:

    Nether worlds are using the same zones as their realworld counterparts

    so "world1" and "world1 nether" both use the same sections of the config file

    I only just started using the nether in our server today and we noticed it was still telling us that we were entering and leaving areas that were specified in the regular world config file.

    I tried making a new zone with higher priority and changing it's world field to "world1 nether", but it doesn't over-ride.

    *Edit* I don't want it to sound like I'm whinging or anything - I'm just big on feedback

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    Yeah I haven't added nether support since it was added to SMP. I'm trying to think of the best way for this to be done in the config file.
    Perhaps just an added "nether: [true/false]", but I dunno if this would be confusing or not.

    Haha it's fine, you're not giving me "It's broke. [end of post]" or "This doesn't work fix it!!!!! :mad::mad::'(:'(", so it's actually useful.
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    You could change it to "world:example" and "netherworld:example"?

    Another way to do it would be to use the folder names? like "world:example" and "world:example_nether"?
    (This last one was how i first tried to do it as i checked the foldernames first to see what i should name it, so it's likely others will do the same)

    Of course you could also just have a seperate .yml file for netherzones, but that might be confusing too.
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    Does this plugin still work? Will you keep it updated? I hope so-- testing it out. Thanks :)
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    Actually this already works for me, haha. Did this work for you?
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    I made a new wilderness zone with "world:world_nether" and reloaded the server, but I'm still walking in and out of plots for the regular world with the same name "world:world"

    I should perhaps mention that I am not running the multi-verse plugin - i am only using the regular world and the regular nether. If you have made this multi-verse compatible, then perhaps multi-verse is patching the problem with worldnames in your case? Do you have multiple worlds on your test server?

    This website's text input kinda messed up the formatting, but it's all there. lemme know if you see something amiss - I put the new wilderness at the top of the list so it's priority would be higher, but I'm still walking through protected zones that shouldn't be in the nether using this config.

    Config File:-
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    Nah I'm not running multiverse on my test rig either, just a standard world, then I build a nether gate out of obsidian. If I have no zones in the nether, when I warp to the nether I am in the wilderness, otherwise I am in the proper world_nether zone.

    I dunno, maybe I fixed something I forgot about. I'll upload a new version of the plugin when I get home (it'll have a couple of fixes in there anyway).
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    yes but try making a zone for "world" and then travelling to those co-ordinates in the nether - it will pop up the name and protect that area like it does in the real world.
    The wilderness too is from your other world - if you change protection settings for the wilderness in "world" then it will affect the nether too.
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    erm, its still not working for me.

    if i take the default/exemple coordinates it works, and when i change a few numbers only 10 times bigger, then it wont work, its everywhere wilderness.

    i tested, izone and its nit supported anymore and now iam looking for some new. and this one will be nice.

    thx so far!

    here the coordiantes i want to use:
    z: 18.0
    y: 0.0
    x: -133.0
    z: -155.0
    y: 128.0
    x: 64.0
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Could you send your config file?
    Actually wait a few minutes, I'm about to upload a newer version, it might fix things for you.

    There you go, updated to 1.1.3, try that out y'all.

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    I literally just downloaded this plugin about 8 hours ago and I was having a few problems (fixed now), and I read the post looking that you were going to update soon so I wanted to leave a suggestion, but you just updated, but for the next update you should add a configuration for when it says- "you are in current zone- (zone)", to be configured like- "you have entered (zone)" and things like that, just a suggestion. :D

    EDIT: I have found a bug in version: 1.1.3, if you put in that a wolf can spawn in the defined region it cannot, I also tried removing it and you still cannot spawn a wolf, then I temporarily removed the plugin and then I could spawn the wolf. just a little bug
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    Do you mean you want to be able to customize the "welcome message" for zones?

    Ok, I'll try to see if I can recreate the wolf problem, and if so, try to fix it.

    EDIT: There ya go, version 1.1.4 should fix the wolf problem.

    Your min z is bigger than your max z. Try switching the two (considering the number of times this has come up I'll probably make the plugin do this by itself in the future).

    Version 1.2 may handle this a little better, but compatibility with other plugins that add new creatures into the game will always be a bit iffy. I'll think about whether there's a better way to handle this.

    For right now, if you can find out what the class names for the creatures you can add that to the creatures list. For instance, the class name for a sheep is 'class org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftSheep' so if you were to add this to your creatures list for the class name of the NPC, it should be able to stay in the zone.

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    thx mate!
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    I had a thought on this if i may?
    If you set the plugin config so that the creatures section specified the creatures that are BLOCKED from spawning instead of the ones allowed to spawn, it may allow other custom creatures by default rather than blocking them by default?

    Also, I have town plots, city areas and wilderness areas in my world set up great, but i have struck upon an issue that i believe would make a great feature addition.
    I have my wilderness set by default to protect against everyone and i add people to the list as they sign up onto the server's forum and introduce themselves, but i have quite a few people rage-quitting when they find they can't build and only get a "Example Zone has build protection turned on".
    I believe it would be a nice addition to have a customisable build protection message for each plot.
    That way i could have the wilderness tell them to go to the forums and sign up and private townhouses can tell the player that it's private property etc.

    Example: "You don't have permission to build in the wilderness. Please go to and post in the new players forum."

    I believe that someone touched on the idea of customisable zone entry and exit messages in an earlier post and i agree that it would make a nice addition as well - especially if you can specify wether or not you want entry and exit messages to show up for that zone too.

    *Edit* Oh and i updated to the latest version of the plugin today and the nether started acting like it's supposed to - i guess you must have fixed that before without realising.
    The discrepancy bug seems to have been fixed. Nice going! =D

    *Edit 2* all that is left is to disable placing water/lava in protected zones with buckets :D
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    Hm, I don't think custom messages should be TOO difficult...

    Ok, I'll start figuring out the water/lava stuff! (Although I don't know that I can do anything if someone puts lava/water one square outside of your zone and it flows in... mostly cause there wouldn't really be a way to tell a difference from naturally occurring flowing lava/water)
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    Hi, I'm trying to make a city have protection but the cords. I enter don't work could you help me it says I'm in the wilderness but I don't want my zone to be the wilderness the cords. I've entered are

    Min: 56,65,-25
    Max: -87,65,133
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    Your co-ordinates should be
    Min: -87,0,-25
    Max: 56,128,133

    The min numbers always have to be the lowest out of the two X,Y and Z values - if the values are both negative, then the min will be the highest NEGATIVE number since negative numbers get bigger as they get lower in value.

    *Edit* and remember that the second value is up and down - if you have a zone that has a min of 65 and a max of 65, then it's not a zone at all. you need to set a maximum height and a minimum height. (0 is the lowest and 128 is the highest you can go in minecraft)

    Hope this helps

    The creator mentioned that in a future update he might make the plugin figure this out automatically to make it easier on people, but for now you just have to get the numbers right.

    well water and lava blocks are already blocked by default if you spawn them using /give (ID 8 or 10) so i think it's the actual bucket itself that you need to find a way to disable inside the zones. (and yeah i kinda figured that would be the case with flowing water)

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    Is MultiVerse (1.7.2) not supported? I still cannot get it work (bZone 1.1.4) setting up zones and wilderness in other worlds than "world" and "world_nether". :(

    Anyone tried this with MultiVerse?
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    I actually want to switch to this, I'm just going to have to make it VERY clear that it has switched, or people are going to get quite pissed that all their creatures are gone now or they've lost all their wolves, haha.
    I also thought about doing it like so:
    ____chicken: false
    ____cow: true
    ____creeper: true
    ____ghast: false
    Mostly because it would be more clear, and maybe a little easier to read and modify. Also the default would be to allow a creature if it's not on the list. However with 14 entities it would add a lot of extra space to each zone and make the yml file longer.
    I kind of also want to rename it from "creatures" if I am switching from allowed to banned, so that it makes a little more sense. Suggestions?
    Water is done, automatic min-max fixing is done, I just wanna switch this last bit then I'll release 1.2, and then for 1.3 I'll do custom messages for entering/exiting a zone and build protection etc.
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    Ah izone is no longer being updated. Guess I should move to this now :)
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    hey! your plugin is awesome!

    its working fine!

    i make a few feature request:
    in protected zones deactivate: rain / thunder / snow
    in protected zones deactivate: buttons / switch /doors
    in protected zones deactivate: pvp
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    For some reason it still won't work could someone please add me on skype: Nick Baratta and help me out I've been trying to release my PVP server but I need to get this plugin working any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi - great plugin but since the last few updates I have an issue. When a zone has players listed, so that those people can override the zone's protection, it doesn't work. The zone is just protected to everyone now, no matter who they are! Any suggestions?
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    Thank you

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