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    AC-Chest - Automatic Collecting Chest

    AC-Chest will make your life easier! Basically this plugin allows you to let a chest automatic collect every item that drops on a pressure plate that is next to the chest. All chests around the pressure plate are able to collect the item, if some chests are full. This is an enormous help for getting farms automatic looting. You can just let water flow to the pressure plate and the rest is done by itself.

    1. Build and place a chest or double chest.
    2. Enter '/ac-chest activate' and select the chest (! not needed in v0.2 anymore).
    3. Place a pressure plate in front of it (or any other direction) and have fun!

    Current version: v0.2

    AC-Chests v0.2
    • removed all commands
    • now automatic collecting works without commands, just place a pressure plate next to a chest
    • if the chest in the north is full, the chest in the east will collect the items, if that chest is full too, the chest in the south is filled and so on
    • automatic collecting was adjusted to double chests
    AC-Chests v0.1
    • basic functionality

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    If you have any questions or problems, please ask me!

    Best regards, Dyprex
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    Sounds like a great idea. Will test right away
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    Thanks. I would be grateful for any suggestions!

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