MCRes - An HTTP-based API for Minecraft information

Discussion in 'Resources' started by oxguy3, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I created a site called MCRes as a way to retrieve Minecraft-related information in code. It allows you to retrieve information about items/blocks and entities (and more in the future) from PHP scripts (GET or POST). While this is not particularly helpful for writing Bukkit plugins, it may be very useful in writing web tools for Bukkit plugins (actually, I got the idea for it while working on a web interface for MultiInv). The site includes full documentation of the scripts, as well as links to a few other similar resources.​
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    Neat, would it be possible to create an API to get minecraft forum topics? I've tried just by looking through the pages source but they seem to be updated by an external script.
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    Badass. However I really suggest adding a multi-query thing into because if I need 3 icon URL for 3 different blocks then I have to post things 3 times so it takes 3 times longer then if you would add this feature. Here's a short snippet how should it look like:

    if($_POST['o'] == "iconurl"){
    $_POST['number'] == "multiple"){
    $_POST['item'] as $item){
    //Echo item's icon url for each item
    echo getIconUrl($item)."<br/>";
    getIconUrl($_POST['item']); //Echo a single iconurl with your method
    So if i post the following data to it:
    $_POST['o'] = "iconurl"
    $_POST['number'] = "multiple"
    $_POST['item'] = array();
    $_POST['item'][0] = 1;
    $_POST['item'][1] = 2;
    $_POST['item'][2] = 3;
    Then it will return the icon url of the block of ID 1, 2 and 3 in the following format:
    And voilá, got 3 icon url with only 1 post.
    It would be nice also if we would be able to download the files so we don't need to wait to your domain to respond = faster system.

    10/10 Over all, definitely going to use in my upcoming project :)
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    Nice work. I haven't used this and don't currently have anything that I would need it for, but now I know it's here to use ;)
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