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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by The__Doct0r, May 10, 2016.

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    Hello, Do you need a easy and simple way to control your minecraft server for free? Well I just finished the Public Release of my site MCRCON!

    What is MCRCON?
    MCRCON is a free online tool Server Owners or Trusted Admins can Control Console from there Phone,Tablet,Computer, Or Pager.

    How to access mcrcon? In any Web Browser (Including Mobile) go to http://mcrcon.com .
    Sign up @ http://mcrcon.php/register.php

    How do I know MCRCON really works??
    Well you can try the demo: http://mcrcon.com/demo
    (The demo has very limited use but its great to see if it actually works)!

    What can MCRCON do?
    Well Everything that Console can do.

    Check out what it looks like to control your server.

    How do I setup MCRCON?
    Step one: Don't Download ANYTHING . Its built into all minecraft servers from 1.5+

    Acctual Steps:
    1. Determine the location of your Minecraft server folder. you should be able to locate your minecraft_server.jar (craftbukkit.jar , spigot.jar ). If you don't the server folder yet you can download it here: Vanilla , Craftbukkit , Spigot
    2. In your Minecraft server directory. there should be a file called "server.properties". This is the file we'll be editing - So if it doesn't exist, make sure you've started your Minecraft server at least once. Make sure to stop your server before continuing as well.
    3. Edit "server.properties" with the editor of your choice. If you are on Windows MCRCON recommends NotePad++, MAC: Brackets.
    4. Find the line where the property "enable-rcon" is set. If it doesn't exist, create it. Make sure it is set to "true": "enable-rcon=true".
    5. Set a property called "rcon.password" to the password of your choice, for example "rcon.password=AwesomePassword".
    6. Set a property called "rcon.port" to a port number you wish to use. The default port is 25575, so you should use this if you're unsure, for example "rcon.port=25575". Make sure that this port is open on your firewall, either for all applications or at least the Minecraft server. How to open a Port.
    7. Stat your Minecraft server, and look for the lines "Starting remote control listener" and "RCON running on" - These determine that RCON is working and running.

    Ask below.. Please Please ASK below . I had alot of Fun making this and id love to see people use it!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @The__Doct0r What will the logging in provide? How secure is it?
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    It uses SHA-512 Encryption for passwords and when it Requires a Password to Login into your Server it saves it to Local Data on your browser Not MCRCON.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Then why do we need to register? As it saves it locally anyways.
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    I was going to make a Feature where you can just type in a Server Address, RCON port and Password , and your in but after testing it for a while. People I talked to said they didn't like having to remember there port and IP. so I made it Save the IP + Port and the password gets saved for 1 hour in your browser. Also i completely forgot the LOG from the Console can't be saved locally because of how much data comes in so I have to save it to a Database which requires a Account...

    I Can remake the feature if I get enough people saying they would like it.

    Once i hit 50 Users I will also be adding a SSL Certificate

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    @The__Doct0r Is there a way you could add a no account version for at least I trial? I'd like to see if it would work or not as some of the r-con settings disappeared when I updated my server to 1.9.
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    It 100% works with 1.9 still . If you want to test it out I recommend you make a account it's free . Once I hit 50 users I will make a way to RCON connect through a url maybe like a Connection API.???

    So 2 people asked for a DEMO so i just finished a REALLY simple ( Not all features i made included) Demo... http://mcrcon.com/demo

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    Thanks for that demo.
  9. The url doesnt work..
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    the demo video is not working... i would see it
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    Hi, I installed mcrcon and it connects just fine, but in the terminal I have some sort of encoding problem. My terminal is set to use UTF-8 (gnome 3/arch linux), but up-arrow gives instead of command history output you can see on the bottom line and ? gives this output with strange characters. Could you help with this please?

    �--------- �Help: Index (1/23) �--------------------
    �Use /help [n] to get page n of help.
    �Aliases: �Lists command aliases
    �Bukkit: �All commands for Bukkit
    �Essentials: �All commands for Essentials
    �EssentialsSpawn: �All commands for EssentialsSpawn
    �Minecraft: �All commands for Minecraft
    �/achievement: �A Mojang provided command.
    �/afk: �Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
    �/antioch: �A little surprise for operators.
    > ^[[A

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    What if i have 4 servers on same ip? on different ports? With the rcon i can only connect to one.
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