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    I would like a plugin that makes a player who has joined a server for the first time take a quiz. if you answer one of the configured questions wrong a configurable amount of times, then the player will get banned for a configurable legnth
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    I think it would be better to have the "quiz" on a website and if answered correctly would get you on the whitelist.
  3. kirbsrob Yeah as carlgo11 said that would be better. If you did it your way you would need to stop the player moving, talking ect.
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    bwfcwalshy that itself isn't uber hard [ The moving, talking ect]
  5. Fuzzybear04 Yeah but the website would be more efficient and better overall.
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    IMO, It's much easier to just cancel some events instead of going to the hassle of making a quiz, then attempting to figure out how to whitelist them.
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    Ugh, I backdown, no use arguing ;) ;) ;)
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