McMyAdmin Bukkit problems.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GameGecko, May 20, 2013.

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    My friend and I use McMyAdmin for our server. I understand that MCMA can't automatically download beta or dev builds, this means that to use bukkit 1.5+ I have to install it manualy.
    To do this I have installed FileZilla, and I have logged in to my server directory. But I can't find the Craftbukkit.jar file, or the normal server .jar file for that matter! Did I do something wrong?

    Craftbukkit MCMA.png

    Is a bump okay?

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    Scroll down in filezilla, it should be there. Also only bump every 24hours.
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    Like i haven't tried that yet :p
    It's not there, and thanks for the bump info.
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    Perhaps Server -> Force showing hidden files
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    McMyAdmin has the Craftbukkit.jar located somewhere different not in the main server dir. Search around in your MyMyAdmin installation folder and/or read the instructions of McMyAdmin, you need to have ROOT/Full access to that server to do that of course.
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    If you're on a recent version of MCMA you can install beta craftbukkit builds just by picking the Beta release stream.
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    Sorry lots of people make dumb mistakes have to try those first xD
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