Mcmmo skill tree ranker.

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    Plugin category: Administration

    Suggested name: Mcmmo skill ranking

    What I want: Something to hook to mcmmo that will allow players to select a certain skill tree to rank up with. Eg. Miner would be mining and something else. Then when they get to level 100 on all the levels that they have access to it will promote them and allow them to rank up more. An example of this is I would also like implemented the ability to get 5 levels every time you vote. I have votifier scripts so that shouldnt be hard if the plugin has a command to simply add 5 levels.

    Ideas for commands: /msr add [player] [skill] [levels] (add x levels to skill
    /msr [skilltree] (one time use)
    /msr reset [player] (reset players skill tree and they can pick again)
    /msr reset all (reset everyones skill tree)

    Ideas for permissions: msr.reset (op)
    msr.reset.all (op)
    msr.add (op)
    msr.skillchoose (default)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as it can be done
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    BuMp! :3
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    Please wait at least 12 hours before bumping.
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    i like this idea!
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    Im trying to learn it but im having trouble.
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    Can anyone help me?

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