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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Feature Add-on for mcMMO

    What I want: For mcMMO, config.yml - I would like an option to change the formula for power level and name.

    Instead of calling it Power Level, call it Player Level, Player Level can be calculate with this formula thus give a player level of max level of 100.

    Displays a player level above users heads and in chat based on their mcMMO stats that affect combat: Unarmed, Swords, Axes, Archery, Acrobatics, and Taming.

    Player Level formula: (Unarmed + Swords + Axes + Archery + (.25 * Acrobatics) + (.25 * Taming)) / 45

    Each stat's weight on the combat formula is capped at level 1000, so the maximum player level possible is 100, and minimum is 0.

    This idea is from mcMMO Combat Level but at current state. It breaks many plugins and it's author no longer work on it.

    When I'd like it: Next year. ^.^

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    I'm not sure that this would be possible without decompiling the MCMMO plugin (or finding an online repository for it) and creating a modified version. I've never seen MCMMO's API so I can't be sure, but it would have to be incredibly flexible and complicated for this to be possible without modifying the plugin.
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