[MCCoD] Minecraft Call of Duty - NEED DEVELOPER!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by zecheesy, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Add icheesiest on skype if you want to join in this project​
    idea removed publicly because some people tried to steal / copy it​
    this plugin will be private because..​
    1. This is a special plugin for my server! I really don't want 10000 same servers out there.
    2. I am going to get a domain / couple of dedicated servers JUST for this plugin. There's no point of getting the domain/servers and finding 1000 of the same servers.
    3. I don't want this plugin to be like McMMO. Like 70% of servers have this plugin and it isn't considered unique to have that kind of plugin. I want my server to experience a different, fun kind of gameplay.
    4. Now, you might be thinking: WOW THIS IS A COOL PLUGIN I WANT IT FOR MY SERVER TOOOOO!
      Maybe you could think of another different idea or submit a request yourself. And I think lots of people will want to have their hands on this plugin too... then it'll go to the 1000 server thing.
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    Just one class for now!
    When you join, you get 1 wood sword, 64 arrows, and 1 bow.
    When you respawn, you get 1 wood sword, 64 arrows, and 1 bow.
    When you leave, your inventory is cleared.

    Add me on skype! icheesiest! I gotta sleep
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    Yeah, me too :O
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    As per the class system, you can (and IMHO should) use an external plugin, such as RespawnKits, PVPKits or any other kit plugin for that matter.
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    When you said red and blue, did you mean nametags or prefixes or something else?
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    Idk, but it would probably be best to hook into TagAPI and set the players nametag in sync of what team they are.

    Because that would also change tablist and chat name color.

    Any armor?

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    Oh yes! A prefix
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    I started work on this for a CTF game mode, but I am working on Zombie Ablockalypse instead, which is basically COD: Zombies.
  10. I could make this, if noone else wants to take it! ;)
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    I'll attempt at this. But Ahmet094 can still try doing it himself, as well.
  12. Well, I'll start this tomorrow after school [in about 12 hours]^^
    JjPwN1 if you have anything productive till then pls contact me and let us do this one together if you want to ;)
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    Alright, sounds cool.

    In the meantime...
    Turns on epic music.
    Starts coding.

    This plugin will definitely take more than a couple of days (in the instance that I code the plugin only an hour a day or so). As it is still Thursday, my week isn't over. I have classes early tomorrow. I'll be more than happy to try a bigger plugin than the ones I have done previously. Also, hopefully, me and Ahmet094 will join together on this one. But, for now, I'm off.

    But I'm still listening to the epic music.

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    I can work on this if you guys are busy.
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  15. Well, I'm not busy at all, but it would be nice, if we could do this together?​
    Do you know how to use github?​
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    I Can work on it to :D as well as stuntguy
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    Kool! If we are all up for this, I can put this on BukkitDev! Also, I like the GitHub idea!
  19. No offense, but is everyone sure he can really contribute sth to this "project"?
    It's actually a plugin which can be done within 2-3 hours^^
    I've done this so far :)


    - 2 teams
    - ban on death until new round
    - killstreak [xp-level]
    - wooden sword, bow and arrows on start

    ED: I already started a devBukkit page for this one; we can leave it and I'll add you as authors, if you don't mind
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    I can help with this if you guys are overloaded on people already.
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    Add icheesiest on skype!
    EDIT: I don't think they are working on it.
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    I will add on more to that code, assuming you want me to.

    I have just added quite a bit of things to the code Ahmet already had:
    • A more advanced chat system
    • Score for the game
    • A command to see the score
    • A better message sent when a player is killed
    • The onEnable/onDisable methods shows the plugin name
    • Named the plugin "MCCOD"
    • A little bit more minor things
    • A command to switch teams
    Things we still need to add:
    • Game ending after 15 minutes I have added this
    • All things including maps (/setredspawn, teleport to team base, etc)
    • Maybe remove the switch teams command, as people would abuse
    • When a player dies, they teleport to their team base
    • Disallow pvp'ing your teammate I have added this
    • Maybe rewards for your killstreak?
    Ahmet094 - I don't know what to do with the new code... so just ask me for it and I'll PM you the main class's code and the plugin.yml

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    You're not on Skype :(
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    If you want, Ive created a Grenade Plugin.... Just PM me if you would like it
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    Do you want to have sticks act like guns. I think this would be cool if you added it. It would be easy to code. (I could do it if you wanted me too).
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    Awesome! Would they shoot arrows?

    NOTE TO ALL: The jjpwn dude is dead! Not responding on skype :/
    Can anyone else take a shot at developing this bad boy?
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    *secretly starts this project*
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    It's Sunday. You know, I'm still in school

    I am the Necromancer, back from the dead.
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    They would shoot arrows because there is no API (likes spout) to make bullets. I could make it shoot snowballs though. I'll start writing it tonight, however my progress will be slower because I have weekend homework and I have school tomorrow.

    Hey, can I add the actual gun part to the github project???
    I just started and I made a stick shoot a arrow like a pistol.

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    Nice, could you use gunpowder as ammo?
    how much damage do they do?

    I'm pretty sure that github thing is dead :(
    You can send it in a separate plugin and it will still work!

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