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    Looking for personal scripter for our server!
    I would like to know if someone can make a plugin for minecraft that would be called CityTools.
    This plugin would be (Private) ONLY for mccitycraft by owner unstopablekk.

    *Each player when logging in would have an ID which can be used instead of the name.

    *Ability to use /pm (Player ID)

    *Ability to /jail (Player ID) Reason Time

    *Ability to /warn (Player ID) (Three warns and it's an autoban)

    *Ability to /kick (Player ID) Reason

    *Ability to /Ban (Player ID) Time

    *Ability to /PermBan (Player ID)

    *when a player does /pm or /message and talks about griefing or advertisement of another server then an *Adminwarn will pop up for admins showing the message and names of the pm'ers.

    *Players can use /report and report a player or a bug. This message will pop up at the top left for admins to view.
    Ex: /report (Player ID/ Yourself) (reason, bug) Then an admin will view your report by: /acceptreport and they will Tp to you, solve your problem then /closereport
    (Pretty much a report system)

    *Admin arability to TP, Spawn blocks and other common commands an admin tool would have.

    *The ability to speak in Local chat. Must be 10-20 blocks.

    If you know how to script and would like to join us in a mission to start the server back up then contact me at:
    [email protected]

    Check out our website. It was wiped but we are working on it, we are also moving hosts and starting a new site.
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    /pm = msg (You can change aliases in bukkit.yml)
    /jail = Essentials
    /warn = another plugin
    /kick = Essentials
    /ban = Essentials
    /tempban = Essentials

    You can turn on /socialspy to see all private messages

    /report = ModReq

    Tp = Essentials

    Local chat, umm HeroChat (?)
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    But about this
    I would like something where I dont see all messages.
    And I would like the kick to have 3 kicks then ban, is that configurable in essentials? (not sure, haven't played minecraft in a while)

    And I was wondering if this was possible. It doesn't seem necessary but it's something that would be nice to have.

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    99% of these features from what I read can be accomplished with existing plugins.

    You can also turn OFF socialspy.

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