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    Is it possible to be banned locally using mcbans without ever going onto a server?

    For some reason I was told that I was banned from a server which means I couldn't get onto another server that I was interested in.

    I looked up the server and have never been on it.

    I am quite upset because I have never used hacks on any server. If you knew me personally you would know that I think hackers are the scum of the gaming earth. This ban claims I used x-ray. I don't even know how to use x-ray.

    So, is it possible to be locally banned without ever being on a server.
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    Two ways this can happen.

    1. They banned you randomly.
    2. They linked their banned list with another server you were banned on.
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    I know it cannot be #2, never been banned. Never gave a cause. Maybe there is someone with a name similar to mine and they banned me instead.

    Truly not happy about this.

    I am starting to believe that it is a misspelling.

    I watched a video a few months back showing people griefing others by tricking someone to join a server and then steal their session ID. I watched these griefers and decided I did not want them on my server so I banned them before they ever joined.

    I am curious if this can happen with mcbans as well.

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