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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Firestar, Jan 8, 2012.

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    the old database and the forums are the only things that were stolen, that we know for sure.
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    I do indeed (been working with Email, Webservers, and Database servers for a few years).

    But why would that change anything. They got my email. And I don't know how.
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    This thread is starting to become more of a 'lets bash on Firestar' thread. I am trying to keep the peace and nothing more. I did say to play nice in my last post. I actually meant to give you a warning though.

    EDIT: Corrected the mistake, it is now a warning (or so it should be), my apologies for the mistake.
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    Ah I understand spoofing well, but as Tylerjd has said this does not affect our situation.
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    You keep saying this, but if this is true, how come several people are putting forward evidence of the contrary?
    Through the course of this thread you've answered criticism and concerns by either denying it or by attacking the poster's credibility.
    Why do you keep intentionally avoiding serious concerns people are having?

    Several people have expressed their e-mail evidently was part of the stolen data, yet you keep stating this is impossible.
    You should act on this now before it'll backfire later.

    edit: holy hell this thread goes fast. there's a dozen replies between the last post I read and posting this.
    Sorry if I said something addressed in the last few minutes.
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    Thanks and sorry but this is not a bash of firestar this is a simple fact that more must have been leaked than he keeps saying.
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    Sheesh. Finally we are getting some sort of answer.
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  8. Thanks for looking into it. That seems the best course of action. I wish you look keeping everything secure in the future.
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    Oh, this has found its way to /r/Minecraft.
    Thought I'd let ya, and the rest of the Minecraft community know.
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    Oh great Reddit is involved. /sarcasm
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    Queue: [​IMG]
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    >> submitted 12 minutes ago by Tylerjd

    Thanks for spilling the drama to /r/Minecraft :|
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    Try deleting the thread if you can please. No need for more than we are seeing now.
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    I have noticed something and so have my admins, we are seeing lots of banned people joining our server, some local some global banned. Now I don't know if this is related but the members who have rejoined are known hackers. Before anyone says it I changed my password after I heard the news.
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    An may I ask why I shall comply with this request? I didn't post it because I wanted Karma. No. You dont get that from self Posts. No. I posted it because I thought I should let the rest of the Minecraft Community know what is happening now. Not that all of them will care-not all will.

    Even if I did "delete it" it would still be there. Just not under my name. But I don't care that it is under my name. It doesn't matter to me.

    I go on reddit more than I do the Bukkit forums. Maybe that is just me. But I think-as I said above-that the rest of the community should be up-to-date.
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    Okay it seems to me and to other staff that this thread has not remained on topic since I last posted in this thread, and has instead devolved into a thread that seems to act more as a general Q&A without too much being accomplished.

    As such I am going to lock this thread, if you have further questions about MCBans please take it to a more appropriate forum (as mentioned before, Offtopic) or into a private message with Firestar or other MCBans staff as they're the ones most likely to be able to answer your questions.

    I'm sorry to have to do this.
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