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Should MCBans be removed from Bukkit?

  1. Yes!

  2. No

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    Hello, I am Sam Gardner, A minecraft player and owner of a couple of servers. For a while now I have had MCbans and it was a good plugin. But recently I have encounter one of its flaws, which is false banning. Anyone can ban another person for just about any reason, I was banned when another MCban server owner decided to fake a photo and get me globaly banned. This is a flaw with MCbans, and that is why it should be removed immediately.

    If you wist to help get this plugin removed, please copy this message below and send it all of the Bukkit admins!

    Dear Bukkit Team,
    I <Username> would like to file a formal complaint regarding the plugin "MCBans". This plugin is harmful to the Minecraft multiplayer community as it has the ability to issue a "Global Ban", this lowers your "Reputation" based on the servers reputation, if it drops below a certain number set by the server owner then you cannot connect to that server. Over 7000 users have been banned from the official MCBans server, meaning that their reputation is now zero and they cannot connect to ANY MCBans server. I feel this is extremely unfair because a user should not be banned from one server for breaking a rule on a completely different server. I am asking that you remove this harmful plugin from Bukkit. It will greatly benefit the community and keep people from being unfairly banned.


    If you want to help get MCbans removed forever, then post this on every minecraft forum you go on and spread it through,Facebook,Twitter, Myspace or any way you can think of.

    Thank you,
    Sam Gardner
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    Everybody already knows how bad MCBans is.. just don't use it.

    It won't be removed any time soon.
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    I have mine set to 3 i like the fack that i have an extra option to check for matching names and hackers you can take the word of other server owners or not
    but i use this more as a tool to watch out for bad members
    does it have its setbacks yes it does like any lil kid with a bug up his ass can ban for no reason and they did make it harder to ban globally you need more proof and if you were banned i would tell you to dispute it
    but in this day and age of nodus where there is no mod that can stop it sever owners need all the help they can
    and another thing if you have a rep of 0 you have been banned over 10 times globally from 10 different servers they all cant be wrong
    I dont want that user on my server
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    To chaseoes:
    If you repost this on every mcforum and get even 50 users to complain, the bukkit team will do something.

    To Toxic_Waste:
    This is not targeted at people that break rules on servers, it's targeted at those who are unfairly globally banned.
  5. McBans is shit, I have heard (on the Dutch minecraft forum) the mcbans administrators can op themself in your server. Dont use it!
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    Im pretty sure that if this was true, and as much as mcbans is used, im fairly positive that this would have come up before...
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    That's what I'm trying to get other people to understand. Please repost this!
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    this thread sounds like one person complaining and like i said some server owners need some kind of way to check potential members is better then nothing

    @ samschaap wheres your proof dont start rumors based on your opinion
    only ones complaining are the ones with bans probably for good reasons too lool
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    The bukkit staff are not going to remove a plugin just because you were banned on some servers. If a user wants to use MCBans so be it. Why should everyone not be able to use the plugin just because there are a few scumbag admins out there?

    Also, I think you mean petition not pettion.
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    No, they won't.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Let's clear some things up that have or will inevitably come up in this topic if I don't say it

    1) MCBans staff cannot op themselves or otherwise gain control over a server via the MCBans plugin.

    2) MCBans cannot block you from any server that does not use MCBans. Server administrators choose to put the plugin on their server. They are fully aware that players can be blocked from their server just because of actions on another server.

    3) If you perceive unfairness in an mcbans decision, or suspect tampering with evidence in a ban dispute, you're encouraged to take that up with their support. Firestar works hard to maintain the reputation of his service.

    4) There are thousands of users permabanned on the system due to large numbers of compromised accounts being used for griefing or spambot attacks.

    5) If you are permabanned or have too low rep to join a server you know and play on frequently, contact that server's admins. They can add an exception for you to join their server.

    6) We aren't going to remove a plugin because of accusations of unfairness in usage, just like we won't remove a WorldEdit because a disgruntled server moderator flooded a server with lava. If you find malicious code in mcbans, do report it and we'll handle it immediately.
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    You do realize this is a flaw with every global banning plugin, right? How else can it be done, MCBans staff checks your ban request before you can ban the user from the server? Let's say someone's spamming your server with /afk or /me. If I had to wait for someone to approve the ban before it could be made in the first place, then someone can literally destroy your server while the ban is being approved.

    TL;DR: The problem is crappy admins, not crappy plugins. Users who don't know this need to get it straight.
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    I think you forgot to lock this thread. These rumors are always popping up, and it's usually people who have only heard about MCBans through other posts and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about who start them.
  14. I honestly think that the idea is good, just executed poorly. I used to use MCBans on my personal server, but stopped for two reasons:

    1) whenever MCBans website goes down, it wants my console with errors and prevents logins.

    2) they overturned a ban based on loose reasoning, despite me providing them screenshots and clear evidence.
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    I dont use it on my server, but I do reference it to see if someone who wants to play on my server has a bad rep or not.
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    Glad that mbaxter cleared everything up. MCBans is a great plugin -- At least the idea. If someone has 6 bans for hacking, chances are that they are a hacker.

    If you are banned globally from multiple servers, then something is wrong. If you are being falsely globally banned from multiple servers, maybe you're not making great decisions on what servers to play on... And the MCBans dispute team is pretty good.
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    Just because you got yourself banned doesn't mean that the plugin should be removed.
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    Agreed. Some of the McBans staff know the staff on my server pretty well and I've had some stop in just to say hi. However, that doesn't effect their decisions in disputes. If we were in the wrong, our bans are localized just the same as everybody else. I've come to trust their judgement and the dispute process.
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    It's to easy to fake proof yes, if you have logblock or other logger, then you just put your server to offline mode, get a client to change yout offline name of the wanted player, log on your server which is in offline mode, grief it to hell. take screenshots of the proof wait for the to dispute, and post it. it's so hard to discover. just a site note, the player needs to have visited the server before you do it. else it wont work

    i use mcbans myself tho and i'm happy for it
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    It was pretty much the first of its kind, and I don't see them going away any time soon anyways.
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    I would also like to add that there are plenty of other solutions out there, and your silly requests to have this plugin removed would hurt many servers relying on it as a way to discourage griefing and rule breaking, destroy the efforts of a large number of people to make such a system, and destroy some other sites out there that use MCBans data to provide even more security to server owners, myself included.

    I can tell you with certainty that while McBans might have this bad reputation, their staff work each and every day to prevent invalid bans, and have gotten quite good at detecting rage bans and flagging them. Just deal with your account issues there, not on here where it harms more people than it helps.
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    Wouldn't work, you'll still need to photoshop the times. It's not going to convince anybody if they griefed after they got banned.
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    Nicely phrased. :)

    Not necessarily... I'd assume it might go something like:

    1. Grief
    2. Ban
    3. Wait for dispute
    4. Send screenshots

    But yes, it only 'works' if the player has logged on before.

    Still, I think it is a great system. And what are the chances that you would be framed for griefing multiple times? If you do, then maybe you need to get a new online personality. :3
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    Why photoshop the times? as long as the target player have been on the server while mcbans was online
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    even barring that, how hard would it be to change the data in the sql database
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    Pretty hard, since it's written in codes
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    You don't understand. The time is the time which the broke the block at. If he logs in at 5:30, you ban him at 6:00, and you fake proof at 6:10, it will show that he greifed 10 minutes after he got banned.
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    No, you ban him AFTER you made the proof
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    This is so funny. This topic has already been discussed since the day the plugin started.
    If you don't like it, don't use it

    I have two issues:
    1) you, a random guy like almost all people here, trying to begin some kind of revolution because you enrage on MCBans, which is, a good plugin if it would used correctly.
    2) about "used correctly": MC exists for 80% (or elss or more, I have no idea, read it as "a lot") of children not knowing a lot of the internet or knowing too much of the internet. Combine that with minecraft (a sandbox game, google that if you have no idea what I'm talking about), and you'll get 99% of your community f*cked up. Tollers, griefers, cheaters,.. they don't enjoy the game, they enjoy ruining the game for others. and believe me, most of these people ARE children spening too much time behind their computer forgetting their real life.

    You know what the main solution is? if you don't want to use MCBans, don't want to get grieved, don't want any problems on your server and just want to play the game? Don't invite randoms! just play with a group of RL friends or guys and gals you can trust. Don't aim for a high class server with hundred of people, you'll need money for it and time, which 99% of the MC don't have (job, school,...) don't try to become as popular as those epic youtube servers like mindcrack, voxelbox, hermitcraft,.. you won't. Just play the game with people you can trust.

    So my friend, in my honest opinion, your problem isn't MCBans, your problem would be attention, a problem I also had untill I stopped with the "internet world" and now only do things I would do IRL too. It's very difficult but it works.

    Kind regards,

    the MC SMP community is harmfull for the MC SMP community...

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    Just don't use this plugin, its pure crap anyhow. Any server that uses it you don't want to play on anyway.
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