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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: MCBank

    What I want:
    A plugin that hooks into essentials eco. I want a plugin that gives a player money when they right click the item in the config. {Item changeable in config.} Also the item must disappear when they right click. For example, a mob drops a slime ball, a player picks it up and right clicks it and gets 5 dollars. {Ammout of money also changeable in the config.} Also if this is possible and not to hard when I type the command /MCBank multiplier {ammount of time} it doubles the amount of money dropped for the whole server. I think this feature would be great fora donation perk for the whole server.
    Ideas for commands:
    /MCBank multiplier {ammount of time}

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    KingKrafter Just for the clarification for others, what about the Item should be customizable?
    Lore, Name, Material?
    As for the "amount of time", what should it be in? Seconds? Min? Hours?
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    xTigerRebornx Sorry about that, I would need all 3 to be customizable. Also the ammount of time would be in hours.
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    KingKrafter Ill work on it, may take a few hours or so.
    Just to clarify some things, does your server have Vault? Essentials Eco supports Vault, and I shall be using Vault for the handling of giving money.
    Config will look something like:

    cash-on-use: 10
      name: '&cColorful Name'
      material: SLIME_BALL
        - '&cColorful Lore Line one'
        - '&2Colorful Lore Line two'
    the 'Material' will be in the form of a Bukkit Material, full list is at

    And the multiplier is 2x, and global.
    Look good?

    KingKrafter Almost finished the plugin. Should be ready after some testing and whatnot.

    Currently done:
    Everything you've asked (afaik)
    The time the multiplier lasts is persisted through the server stopping and starting (it'll keep accurate time)
    /mcbank will tell you how many more hours the multiplier will be on for (or if its off, it'll say its off)
    Auto-saves the multiplier time every 30 min in case the server crashes
    /mcbank reload will reload the config

    Anything else needed to be added. post and ill added. Will post a download soon.

    Edit: Download link:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Small description:
    Includes all the features you've asked for, command details are:

    /mcbank - Display's whether or not multiplier is enabled, and the time if it is. No permission
    /mcbank reload - Reload's configuration. mcbank.reload is permission
    /mcbank multiplier <time> - Sets multiplier to be on for <time> hours later. Permission is mcbank.multiplier

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    Hey, some off the features aren't in the config.
    multi-end-time: 1406732249759
    item-to-use: {}

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