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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by McAndze, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Thought I'd share progress, and get feedback on some plugins ideas I have:D
    Most of these plugins are made specifically for my RP server: Navia, but may be useful for other people, which is why I am posting them here.​
    So here they are:​
    RP Plugins
    • Mailboxing
      Status: Planning


      This is one of the plugins I'm making for our server.​

      Because we're an RP community, we want to get rid of In Character /msg's, and thought we'd provide this alternative.​

      We're still discussing how this plugin should work, but here is my idea so far:​

      One mailbox

      Each player can have one mailbox. At least that's a good starting point.

      The address

      Each mailbox will be assigned a unique ID.

      That unique ID will be tied to your character, and will IC'ly be treated as the address. To power this address-idea, one should provide name of the city/are they are in.

      These ID's will be tied to the character owning the mailbox. Another player must have this ID to be able to send mails to it, either by finding the mailbox, or given the ID IC'ly by another character.

      Where to send from

      My idea is that you can be able to send messages from any mailbox, provided you have the ID of the recipient.

      You will only be able to receive mails in your own mailbox


      The mailbox will be physical, and will most likely be a fence, with a wooden-type block above it, and then a sign on it.

      That is, of course, easily changeable, and we could probably make tons of different mailboxes, to give it a bit of diversity. Some people have also suggested virtual flying messengers, a bit like homing pigeons.

    • Banking
      Status: Under development

      We're still using hMod, and the porting of this plugin is one of the reasons.

      Basically, this allows for phyiscal banks, that can only be accessed by one player, through a warp like feature. On our server, this feature is only for donators. We treat it like an extended inventory, so whenever someone types /bank, and gets teleported, it shows a little message for people within a set amount of blocks. The message is like this at the moment, but it will be possible to change:

      "<Player's IC name> is rummaging through <getSex> backpack"

      The IC name, and the sex will be determined using the "Chatting" plugin, but if that's not installed, it will just be like this:
      "<Player's display name> is rummaging through <"his/her" or "a"> backpack."
    • Chatting
      Status: Early development.
      ETA: Alpha release expected today!

      This plugin is inspired by Shade's ChatChannels plugin, but focused on RP.

      On a first-time login, it will ask for IC name, race(If the server is using races), IC and OOC sex, and whatever is needed.
      It will then tell the player about several things, like what's going on in the lore etc. and inform them about the upcoming test (We have an in-game RP test on the server)

      When in LocalChat/IC Chat, it will show their IC name, and use no color in the chat itself.
      It will also provide local /me's.

      When in GlobalChat/OOC Chat (Which will be integrated with CraftIRC, if possible) it will show their OOC name.
      There will be several commands, to retrieve OOC names, from people's IC names, and things like that, and there will also be commands determining whether you are In Character, or Out Of Character in LocalChat.

    • Stealing
      Status: Early development.
      ETA: Next week.

      We're having some theft issues on the server. While we don't want it out of the server, due to our serious RP nature, we certainly do want to have it under control, to enforce our stealing policies.

      Here is the information, copy/pasted from our forum:

      Most players won't be affected by this plugin. This will just make it possible to make people "owners" of chests.

      So if one is taking something from a chest, that is not their own, it'll be logged. No action will be taken though, it just logs it, if it turns out to be suspicious.
      If the owner is logged off, it will deny any retrieving on the items in the chest, except if the character is on an OOC ignore list (Which can be made by the owner) which will still be logged, just not denied.

      It may integrate locked chests in some way, but we'll need to make only one or more characters able to make these locks, and require extensive research to be able to unlock them.
      That's a step in the way, at the most tricky issue we're having, hopefully making stealing fun, and challenging, for both parts.
    • Wounding

      Status: Planning.

      Pasted from our forum:

      This will basically implement IC deaths.

      You will have a set point of "Wound points" and once that number reaches a certain number, say 15? Your character is dead.

      Wound points will be gained upon Minecraftian death, and the value given, is estimated by how you're killed.
      These points will recoverable in capitals, and by medics.

      Once you "die" (as in getting a wound) you will immediately teleport back to where you were before you got that wound, and you will also be immortal for a couple of real-life minutes. This will make it seem more realistic. Kinda.

      This is kind of a reverse implementation of virtual health, which will hopefully solve several issues, regarding IC deaths.

      Ktccd and Astrum wrote down a nice little chart of the different points of wounds, which will be made official later on.
      Oh btw, the plugin will have neat little messages when you get wounded :p

    Other plugins

    • Bladder
      Status: Under development.

      I was originally coding this plugin for me and my friends, so it's using Flatfiles at the moment.

      I may change this later on, but I'm not that serious about this plugin. It's just fun xD

      I hope to have a stable release out later today, but that depends on when my computer works again, and how many issues needs to be solved on my server.

      Basically what this does, is making a virtual bladder for players.
      On set times, their bladder will be more and more filled, especially when they consume items.
      The plugin will send messages, giving them a hint on when they have to "go".
      In order to get full satisfaction, and recovery of the bladder points, one must go to a physical toilet.

      They can also pee against a tree, but this will not recover as many bladder points, and they will not have a way to wash their hands, making them infected by bacterias, and losing a bit of health.

      But it's better than not going at all, since that will eventually kill the players.

      If they forget to flush, they will infect other people going to the bathroom.
      I'll provide more info of this plugin later.
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    I think I may be in love. :p (No homo) but seriously this is awesome, i am about to start a RP server and i may wait until this plugin is released. Great idea and im mostly excited about the local chat/stealing. Hurry!!!! :p
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    Alright, I stalled development a bit. Seems like the chat plugin is what we need the most at the moment, so that's my main focus right now.
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