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    Plugin category: Generators​
    Suggested name: AlphaWorld Generator​
    What I want:
    I'm looking for a plugin which generates world's in Alpha Style (With new ores if possible).​
    The Generator should be like Minecraft Version: Alpha 1.0.17​

    Details: The Terrain should look like the one on the Picture.(Below)​
    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.​
    Heres a plugin which is like the plugin I want (But its a Generator for Minecraft 1.7.3 Worlds):

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    Here here. I would also like this but lack the skils to make a world generator good world generator :(
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    YES I love alpha maps!
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    Is there someone who could make this for us ?
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    WorldGenerators are quite hard plugins that many developers have not looked into; your best hope might be finding a developer who has already made a good World Generator and tell them the interest and make a polite inquiry into whether they would like to do it.

    Don't spam though!

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