MC server on 5400rpm or 7200rpm hdd

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dkeulen, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Currently i am running a small server on a 5400rpm disk with only 8mb of buffer cache, but i was wondering how much of a performance gain it will be if i would place it to a 7200rpm disk with 32mb buffer cache?
    Anyone could tell me wat one would be better and how much performance gain i could expect and why?
    I am an IT graduate and usually hardware was my kind of thing, but after 2 years on mac i dont have to worry about upgrading my hardware every 6 months to stay on track with performance )haters gone hate), and i didnt know that much abouth the RPM and Buffer cache about HDDs anyways, so any help is much apriciated.

    The thing is, i run the server on the 5400rpm disk now whitch is the boot disk for UBUNTU so its formatted for linux, but my 7200rpm disk are from a previous server with lots of data i cant store somewhere els to format my disks to a linux format, SO these 7200rpm disk are still NTFS who i have loaded with a smb protocol on UBUNTU so i can use them and share them, will placing my MC server on a 7200rpm disk whitch are not linux formated, and run the mc server under ubuntu of one of these disk not compramize the performance?

    ubuntu 10.04 (yup)
    c2d e6250 @ 2,66ghz
    4gb ddr2 667mhz
    5400rpm hdd, 8mb buffer, linux format (vs 7200rpm, 32mb buffer, ntfs!)

    any information would be apriciated! thanks.
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    Are you strictly limited to an HDD upgrade?

    This is like going from a bicycle to a scooter traveling on a highway. You want a car. :)
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    Nathan C

    You're a IT major and you got a mac..........I won't even...

    Anyways, the Core 2 Duo is pretty weak and I don't think a hard drive upgrade would really improve performance, with that CPU.
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    Minecraft is very HDD intensive. I think the upgrade will make a lot of difference. However, maybe you should invest a bit more and get an SSD drive with backups to your current HDD.

    On a side note, in your "Just Craft" banner, what font are the words "Just Craft" written in? I love it!
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    I lol'ed

    And go for the 7200 rpm hdd and just format it in ext3/4 or so.
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    Invest in more RAM and run a RAMDisk.
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    I'm a Computer Science Graduate, and my job title is Software Engineer, and I have a mac (and several Linux boxes. But my primary machine is a Mac). Many others on my course, and several of my colleagues, are also mac users. Personally I like having a Unix core with layers above it that don't have as many hiccups and driver oddities as Linux often does when you start playing around with the internals.
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