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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Switch0r, Sep 10, 2011.

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    (Dedicated server only)
    Am i the only that see this, well on our server it does.
    It looks like Mc-server 1.8 is using more then one cpu core.
    Or is it just java?
    Our server specs:
    -Os Windows2003 32bit
    -4Gb RAM
    -Xeon dualcore 2.4Ghz
    Edit: 1.8 only runs good with mobs, animals and pvp disabled, because the orbs are killing the server.
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    get me a download link for the server and ill tell you i have a quad-core liunx system
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    Ive noticed this on my client that it seems to use more of my second core. I'm away from my server machine so I can't test. Hopefully this is true and we can have mobs and stuff moved to another core
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    I see that the load is distributed equally on my 1.8 server with roughly 30-40 people on. Comparing my cpu stats on my 1.7 server with my 1.8 server; 1.8 is absolutely using all 4 cores at once. I don't know if minecraft is actually multithreading, but it is distributing its load; possibly using some clever java coding? :)
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    Jizz in my pants :O
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    Talked to a few people i know who host a few servers they all got quad cores they say there all seeing use. I want to see this on a 16 core or something see how far it can get divided.
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    i got a 8 core
    but no one want to update... lol
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    Multiplayer version is not working, nobody knows the reason

    I tried it several times ( of course 1.8 client )
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    Mr. X

    Where can i get the 1.8 client?
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    1.8 multiplayer works fine for me and about ~50 people playing on it.
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    1.8 working fine on SMP here as well. Getting ready for a load test!
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    1.8 server and client are working like a beauty, 1 player in (me xD)
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    I'm GUESSING that because there are so many bugs it really bogs down the system. So I think it will be unnoticeable in the final product.
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    Nathan C

    Eyes are playing tricks on you.

    Still uses 100% of one core.

    1.8 runs like trash. My VPS was lagging, so I moved it to my desktop.

    Desktop has:

    2500k @4.6 Ghz
    4 gigs allocated to server (1.2 used)
    10 mbit upload

    After a bit with 10 players, it started getting can't keep up errors.

    I hope the final 1.8 is better, otherwise all servers will be running only 5-10 slotters.
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    Definitely still maxes out at 100% of 1 core, sad to say.
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    hmm, my server is doing fine, right now i have 11 players on and no lag

    2.4 ghz quad core
    4 gb RAM
    1.5 mb upload

    and i asked players if they had any lag, and they all said "no"

    Resource Usage:
    50% CPU usage (all four cores)
    2.3 GB ram used (max 4 GB)
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    Yeah I'm seeing usage distributed over 4 cores also, previously it would just get up to 100% on one core.
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    Plz post server specs and os.
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    Xeon x3440 on Debian (lenny) 64bit

    I've ran another test with about 30 people on which would normally push one core to 80-100%, but now it's still only sitting around 20% on each core.
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    I think 1.8 is using hyperthreading too... The CPU usage is balanced instead of 100% in one of the cores.
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    Applications don't "use hyperthreading"... your CPU might.
    It's a CPU feature.
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    Perhaps he's trying to say that 1.8 is utilizing the hyperthreading of his CPU? :D?
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    That's still a rather clumsy use of terminology though.
    Applications can use multiple threads. They'll be oblivious to whether those threads are running concurrently due multiple CPU's, multiple cores or hardware features like hyperthreading.
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    That just means its still single threaded mostly but your OS scheduler happens to move the main thread bewtween the cores quickly.
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    If yours is only using 1 CPU core it might be because you're using a VPS. I did this with a hosting company and they had to enable Hyperthreading for me before the VPS would report and use multiple cores. Just a thought.
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    So, I noticed that on my server it only starts to distribute the load over all cores once it passes about 30 people. Before then it just uses 1 core at 100% then goes to another core. Also 1.8 server crashes at the drop of a hat :p
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    Disable pvp, mobs and animals so that people dont get orbs.
    Servers may experience lag upon the death of a player who is carrying experience orbs.
    When the player dies, all of the player's orbs will be dropped. This can commonly cause the game to slow to such an extent it must be force quit and cause massive amounts of lag on SMP servers, making the map unplayable. It is possible to remove the orbs with MCEdit, making the map playable again.
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    I ment more like the bugs that actually crash the server, like smelting things :)
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    Nathan C

    Nah, this was on my desktop.
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    It's never done this before until I tried 1.8, even now still running 1.7 it's sitting on 100% of one core maxed.
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