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  1. So this is really simple hopefully. I just want someone to create a plugin that blocks these commands from anyone who does not have the permission "maxplhider.bypass".

    - /bukkit:help
    - /icanhasbukkit
    - /?
    - /bukkit:?
    - /plugins
    - /bukkit:plugins
    - /pl
    - /bukkit:pl

    Stuff for Config:
    - Plugin prefix editing Default: "[Hider]"
    - Denying command use text editing Default: "Trying to find out the plugins, are we?"

    I've checked for plugins that cover them all and can't find any good ones. The only ones that block all of these even block them if your opped.

    If you know a plugin that can do this or can make one, please comment. Thank you.
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  3. @Henzz can easily be bypassed by writing it in caps, make sure to check if it contains the processedCmd.toLowerCase()

    Or better: make sure processedCmd is only the first part of the string, without the arguments seperated by a whitespace
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    Why not just negate these permissions in your permission plugin?

    - bukkit.command.plugins

    Will prevent players from using all those commands listed above. In your spigot.yml just set the tabcomplete to a minimum of 3 chars, and //<tab> will also be blocked.
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  6. I had no idea what the permissions were and only recently figured out negating. Thank you all anyways.
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