Filled MathMoney - Reward players for completing math problems.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by odielag, Oct 25, 2019.

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    MathMoney -- Pays players for answering a math problem correctly. Can be configured to ask online players every X minutes as a way of rewarding players for playing!

    I'm looking at rewarding players for playing while avoiding rewarding afk players.

    Basically, every X minutes (or seconds) the player is asked a simple math problem (XX + XX = ?? or XX - XX = ?? as an example) and if they get the answer correct, they get X into their ingame balance.

    I'm personally wanting to set it to ask every 20 minutes and reward 20 balance to approximate minutes played.
    Excuse me if I sound hair brained. I have an inventive personality and am somewhat hair-brained with trying to think of and make the perfect server. Also, I might ask someone on fiverr or something to make it.

    Someone is writing the plugin for me.

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