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    Plugin category: Fun
    Suggested name: playing with myself

    I would like a plugin where you can masterbate in minecraft. if you do it for (configurable time) you will get a message saying you are ready to cum. cum can be a white thing that goes flying
    Ideas for commands: / masterbate (easy medium or hard)
    / masterbate cum (makes you cum
    Ideas for permissions: masterbate.all
    When I'd like it by: whenever you can
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    eww definitely not coding this
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    His signature :
    make your own perverted plugin!
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    My exact thoughts when I read this request: "What.. the.. fuck..."
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    You're 24 huh? Yeah, okay grow up and stop wasting people's time with your nonsense. These developers are nice enough to create plugins for people out of their own time, then people like you just take them as a joke... Makes me mad. :mad:
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    Same here! Why the hell would you waste everybodies time like that! :mad: :(
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    No one is going to make this for you. You claim you can teach people Java, but if you can't do a simple command, timer, and particle effect, you aren't at a teaching level.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Excellent response, sir

    On a more serious note, I am here wasting my day away, reading through these requests, out of the goodness of my being, and then I stumble upon this shitty waste of time. A; Get a life B; Grow up C; If you're a Java 'Noob' teacher, make your own fucking plugin and C; Whatever server you are running this on, nobody will play on it, purely because there is a pointless plugin on it. Good luck to you when you try and advertise this server on PMC, whats the title going to be [Gay] [Perverse] Masturcraft [1.7.4]? I don't think any developer wants their name associated with such a crude plugin. Get Real, Grow up, Piss Off.

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    Jade Retired Staff

    Oh dear god. If you need something as innapropriate as this, you should really do it in a more private method. Seeing as this isn't fit for the users of our forums,

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