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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jkernan7553, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I keep getting this error. Vanilla=no error. I've tried starting with no plugins, still happens.

    Windows 7.

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    Your world is corrupt. Download and install MCEdit, open your world in it, and save it.
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    Still is happening....anyone else got any ideas?
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    If you edit and set your level name to hahatest, and then start the server, do you get the same error or does it start without error?
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    oooo no error when i do how do i permanently fix it? And the error normally starts right after all the plugins load up, and it continues like 100's of times over FYI.

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    Then your world is definitely corrupt, just as Supersam already said.

    There was tool called Chunkster
    but it's no longer being developed, it seems. It most probably won't work with 1.8 maps.

    If you don't have a working backup, I'm afraid you may be screwed this time. I don't know if MCEdit can fix your map problem.
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    try to fix it whit MCEdit ...stop the server -> import the world (to mcedit) -> ctrl + i -> repair -> grab some [cake] as this may take some time .... -> then click ctrl-s -> close mc edit -> start your server ....
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    If none of the above fixes work:

    - Create a new world, preferably with the same seed as before.
    - Start it up and make a /save-all in it then shut server down.
    - Next step is to delete the region folder in the new world.
    - Grab the region folder from your old world and place it into the new world's folder.
    - Start server again.

    This fix has atleast worked for me but I am not sure it will work for that kind of error, but it fixes most corrupted stuff.
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    Attempting this now...

    Thanks for help guys.

    To be sure, in MCEdit i import the level.dat right?

    And any idea how this could've been corrupt? I didnt do anything hahaa..
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    I believe that you are using MCEdit correctly. As far as your map corrupting itself, did your power go out recently? Or did the server shutdown "badly" recently.
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    yes do import level.dat

    and your level could have been "corrupt" if you didnt shutdown the server propely (like kill the Javaw process, a power cut, etc.)
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    I kill java all the time without corruption :p I guess I should stop doing that often (Usually when I get read timeout errors)
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    Ya...killing java is not a good idea..ever. Unless you have absolutely no other choice.
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