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    Ok my friend owns a highly popular server for Minecraft. He is currently trying to setup a 'marketplace' on the server website so that people can buy items in the game. The only problem is he needs a way for them to receive the items instantly. The other way we (The mods) were thinking is that they receive a unique redeem code with which they can use '/redeem' ingame. We need the plugin to be done within 3 days max which may be alot to ask. The reward for this will be that if you choose to join our server you will be made moderator, and receive gratitude on the website along with contact details (if you choose). If you want to check out the website first it's www.capturecraft.net

    If you wish to contact the owner of the server please send an email to [email protected] or contact via skype which is 'CaptureCraft'. Also if pricing is neccessary please use the contact details above.

    -Thanks, cianw1.
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    What would be they buying the items with? Is this just the plugin or do you require the code generator for website also?
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    Paah, it would onl
    The items are to be bought with real money, this is already completed on the website, we just need a way to send the person a redeem code (not necessarily automated) that can only be used once with a certain amount of things included in the code, like a kit.

    It also needs to be easy to create the redeem codes, like through a database file or something.

    I'm the owner of the server, if you can develop add me on Skype so we can talk: CaptureCraft.
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    I think the whole redeem code system is useless. Wouldn't it be much easier for the purchaser just to submit their minecraft account name during purchase (I noticed you have member system on your site, so maybe the site already knows the players minecraft names?), and when they joined the server they would get the items with simple /redeem command, no hassle with codes. Also works instantaneously. No waiting.

    Plugin sounds very simple to make. If no one has taken it by tomorrow I might make it.
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    Paah, I would be very grateful if you could do that for me, please contact me privately buddy, we can discuss the details.

    I am still open to any other ideas however.
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    Giving people items for donating doesn't seem right.
    How about custom prefixes or logging in past the server population limit?
    It's fair because they're paying the server costs so they should be allowed on.
    SimpleReserve and a chat plug-in will take care of that.
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    This is not for donators. On the server donor's have an exclusive area, extra commands etc. This is just so that anyone can buy any extra items if they want to.
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    What Wakko means is that generally charging people money for items isn't right. Especially if you have new members on your server that don't think it's different anywhere else.
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    I' ve seen this marketplace thing ran at Buxville website, why don' t you ask them how did they do it?
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    I finished this if anyone is interested, just needs a bit of polishing and documentation.
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    Paah could you upload the file somewhere and send me a link? Would be a pleasure to check out.
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    I still have to make the documentation, add few more possible error messages and stuff like that.
    (Not that the plugin has any errors, but if you have incorrect stuff in the database it can just shout ERROR ERROR not actually telling you what is wrong)
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    Well you said the items are bought with real money.
    I thought you meant that you give special items for those who donated.
    That's what it sounded like in your first post.
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    Well thanks for taking the time to make it, any idea when documentation will be done? I can't wait to see it!
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    @Paah is this done?
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    I Think Theres, A Plugin For this, Search for one, Sign Shoping, in all Section in the official Plugin List.
    Hoped, This Helped.

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