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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by The_Punkster, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Hey guys, so I have my main worlds map that I would now like reset.

    Only problem is that this map has my spawn, and a kingdom with plots. I can reset the plots manually but I need to keep all the worldguard regions in the same place while also keeping certain areas safe from resetting. This includes some safezones.

    Anyone know how?
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    Create a MCEDIT schematic
    Like the //set command, Go to one corner, use the wand, other corner
    then do
    //schematic save [format] [name] , I forgot the Order but the format is mcedit
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    Anything about regions in worldguards?
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    I'd recommend using the plugin multiverse-core to create a new world for the map reset. Once you've done this, you should copy and paste the old spawn into the new spawn.
    If you don't want to redefine worldguard regions, then copy the old spawn into the same X, Y and Z coordinates as the previous spawn and just grab the regions.yml file from your old world and put it in the new world?
    Once done, you could delete the old world and set the new one to be the default.

    If you'd prefer not to have multiverse on a live server or want the world to be called "world" although the original world is called this, then set up a local server with multiverse, get a copy of the world you're using and do the work offline. Then you can copy the world file in named as "world" after deleting the old one.

    Other than that, you could just use the redefine command in worldguard so you don't need to keep setting flags, owners and whatnot.
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