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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Scyfi, Sep 14, 2011.

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    The reason why I was asking this is that the mods I would love to see compatible are PTG, the height increase and Spoutblocks for custom generated ores etc. If these 3 would be compatible together my day would be made :D
  2. I have a feeling I'm really stupid... Should I just roll back to 1.9pre2 if I wanna test out the new height, or should I keep trying and failing with 1.9pre3? Please bear in mind that I am a noob, and know next to nothing... Running my own server tests enough of my rather shallow learning curve.
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    If you want to use the files i posted, yes.

    You could also check out the couple mods on that support this, i have no idea if they tried to repair the bug or not.

    In other news 1.9pre4 contains the same bug as pre3.
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    Any news on 1.9 pre5?
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    Bukkit is doing a 1.9pre5 dev version so i'm messing with that to get a plugin working at the moment. There isn't (yet) a clean way to set the height through the bukkit API but i'm working around that just for testing at the moment. I'll update here when I have something worth playing with. A client side mod is still needed but I hope to work that it through SpoutCraft / Spout integration although i have no idea what their plans are to support the 1.9pre5 dev bukkit release.
  7. Spout does not plan to support the pre5 release at all. MCP doesn't support the prereleases, so Spout's hands are very tied in the matter, too.
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    *casts Thread Necromancy*
    Now that 1.0 is out any word on the viability of thing being added to bukkit/spout?
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    Seriously, cracked servers? All it is just a simple varible in It's called "online-mode"
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    Who are you talking to? :p

    I believe @Afforess said that we are just waiting on Bukkit to add it. May have to double-check with him though.
    Of course, we still need to update to 1.0.0. ;)

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    Lol. What?

    So is this possible without a modded client? Will it need spout or something?
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    For the plugins developers out there, I'm no coder, but I would like to draw attention to the changes made to bukkit in build #1464 on Jenkins/Github. There's an awful lot of this type of thing going on all through the coding...

    - int i = 128 - 1;

    ...replaced with...

    + int i = - 1;

    ...and if that's what I think it means (I could be wrong, but I hope not), it means someone needs to be on the ball, using Spout or whatever else necessary, and get a plugin ready ASAP for to first RB of bukkit for 1.0.0. I know there will be a lot of server owners/admins out there generating new worlds with 1.0.0 and this will be one of the first things they'll want to deal with if possible (I know I do :D ).
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    1.0 is out now, I sure hope a mod comes out soon, or spout implements this soon to be able to have large worlds. I want 256 height. My entire server wants 256 height.
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    I'd like to set the height to even larger values than 256 ( for mountain ranges and stuff;) ). So I hope it will be implemented efficiently and kick in when needed. I hate to see this change choking the server even where the height limit isn't reached (e.g. in deserts, open plains etc.).

    *definetely looking forward to test this asap*
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    It will screw your client unless you mod that / notch fixed stuff in 1.0
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    Any news on this? I cannot understand what should be hard about this, the world does not need to be generated for "256" height even if that was the new chosen limit. The world could still generate in its normal 0-128 range, but you could build over the 128 limit to 256 high... skytowers etc!

    If anyone has a link to a plugin/mod that works to change the limit in SMP - I would be veery gratefull for it!
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    Isn't Spout working on this??
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    I hope so, been using Spout / Spoutcraft for a while and love those guys ;) . Would be a neat way if this is integrated into Spout(craft) :)
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    I suggested this several times but world generation height and build limit seem to depend on the same "variable" so it would require some big changes to make these values determined by two different values. At least that is how I understood the explanations...

    Another request... what about a "cubic chunks bukkit 1.0.0 server.jar"? Possible to dev this?

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    It'd have to be cubic chunks, else your memory and bandwidth would increase dramatically to store and send double-sized chunks. Just raising the height of chunks would be easier, but it's less desirable. It's still not trivial, though, and you'd have to get Spout and WGEN support, if not more. How many current plugins expect a 128 height?
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    Well, I am no programmer myself but what should "other" plugins care if the world was 10 or 10,000 high? Atleast if the programmers have a good design of their own plugins they should not have a problem.

    Double sized chunks? Does minecraft send values for "empty" air as well or? If we did go by the example that world generation is per normal in the 0-128 limit, and the 129-256 is just air where you can build higher in, there would be no need to send any data at all untill you have built something in it? But yes if MC has to send data for air blocks as well I imagine it could be a problem, at least if you don't run Spout so you get a local copy of the chunks on your computer to avoid constant downloading from server..
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    I have also made a request for a plugin to bukkit that would allow for this change. It looked like a lot of promising work was being done for 1.8.1 - 1.9pre5 but nothing seems to be being worked on now that 1.0.0 is out. I know there isn't a RB for bukkit yet, but I don't understand why people just stopped working on it. I really hate not being a programmer at times like these, because from what I understand from what people have said changing the height is relatively simple, it just puts a demand on the server. Does anyone know if any plugin is actively working to incorporate this or develop a plugin for this?
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    Its still not possible to do this as a plugin based on github master at time of posting, at least not safely.

    There is no access to the world height variables in the world class through the bukkit api (or any api/constructor/anything). They are still loaded with static values in the constructors and it isn't clear its safe to change them afterwards.

    The values are public however its definitely not safe to just change them post world instanciation unless you can nail the timing and update all 5 values atomically as a group. Mess up the timing and you'll just index out of bounds or otherwise blow the server and possible cause data corruption.

    In short you won't see a plugin until there is a method to set these values safely during world (object) instanciation which is pretty 'deep' in the core of the server code. In other words the only way to do this today would be a modified version of bukkit, not a plugin.
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    I'm pretty sure it'll be worked out quite soon. There's a lot of public demand for this as far as I can say ;)
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    Assuming I'm not doing this post world instantiation - which I am guessing you mean post generating a world - how hard would it be to make these changes and then have the world generate? How difficult would it be to do the bukkit modification without java knowledge? - I'm going to just guess impossible, but might as well ask.
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    even if it is implimented, surely it means everyone would need spout to be able to connect to the server?
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    Everyone would need a modified client regardless. Spout would probably be the most easy option.
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    Just a way to hard to do idea that might make it in the future:

    What if non spout users get send 128 heigh slices of the world, where if they enter a certain part, they get TP'd to the bottom with a new slice being send updating all the chunks with the new 128 heigh data?
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    You need to hook in after the world object has been created (which doesn't mean the "World" is created just that the world object has been created) but before any processes that require the height values execute on the object. If loading an existing world you'd have to access what the height of that saved world was pre-load to set the values correctly and safely. One example way to do this is to modify the world constructor or "WorldSettings" object to support world height values.
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    Yeah I have no idea what you mean... so I'll just have to wait for people who do know what their doing to make a plugin for it - which from what I hear Spout/Spoutcraft is going to incorporate it.
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