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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Scyfi, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I have been trying this out and the higher I go the more RAM its using! Not that it is a problem but can you believe that minecraft could be using 16GB OF RAM!?!?!?!?!?!!!1!!!one!!

    Also can you post the java source file for me :D


    PS: This image was taken at night time :eek:
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    Hmm I haven't seen that happen on my system with the height changes, it certainly uses more than a 'normal' world but nothing like that, caps out at like 2GB and i give the client 4GB normally.

    Not for the 1.9 changes because there isn't one, I made the change by editing the bytecode directly (java version of assembly), have to wait for MCP to get released for 1.9 before changes can be made and recompiled via java source code.

    The bytecode instructions you need to change are in 3 of the <init> functions of the class I uploaded, it'll say:

    bipush 10

    Its at PC 3 or 4 as i recall in 3 of the 4 variants of the constructor. The world height is 2^X where X is this values so:

    bipush 7 = 2^7 = 128
    bipush 8 = 2^8 = 256


    I also noticed that the lighting would mess up some times with increased world height, like you could be digging in a really deep mine that should be pitch black but its full brightness

    What options are you using the launch the game btw? What I have seen is that the chunk saving process that runs once a second uses and then immediately frees like 200MB each time it runs, which is obviously bad thing to have occuring once a second but that's something Notch would have to fix at this stage, if you had garbage collection setup to be very 'loose' i can see you getting to 16GB fairly fast.

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    It rises about 100mb every 5 seconds, thank god my pc has so much ram!

    Also how would I edit .class files?

    -Xincgc -Xmx16G -Xms16G -jar minecraft.jar

    With minimal settings

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    I've tested this more and watched the memory usage and see the steady growth when building a noob tower, however my system is a lot more aggressive about garbage collection, I get up to about 2GB (with 4GB given to the JVM) and it flushs down to 400MB or so.

    Assuming your using java 6 -Xincgc is deprecated and replaced with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode internally by the JVM when it is used.

    XX:+CMSIncrementalMode is really designed for low power and low core count processors and works particularly badly when the heap size is large like yours is.

    Sun's or I guess now Oracle's recommended configuration for low latency performance on multi-core systems is:

    -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSParallelRemarkEnabled

    and obviously your settings for -Xmx and -Xms are fine as well

    May want to give that a try.

    There are several programs, all the good ones are commercial, i've been using JBE:

    Its a little buggy and has some things I don't like such as odd ball handling of 2's complement values when editing but that won't effect playing with the <init> functions in the class file I uploaded.

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    Ok thanks for the help! Working now

    Also HOW THE HELL did you figure out what value was for max height?!?!??!

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    If anyone is interested, I modified the 1.9 server for 256 worlds.


    Client and Server

    Noob Tower Thing


    All you need to do is place the ep.class file in a unmodified minecraft_server.jar for 1.9. Make sure you are generating a new world or you will more than likely have issues.


    Also, anyone who connects to the server must have a modified client in order to play.
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    So I suppose not working with bukkit right? ;) Still, nice job :)
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    Twenty4Seven, if you jury-rig this into a Bukkit plugin, I will straight-up blow you.
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    512 blocks SP version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    256 blocks SP version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    1024 blocks SP version: Page 2 (xianthax)
    256 blocks MP version (Server): Page 3 (Twenty4Seven)
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    testing all the different sizes
    16 gb ram
    so far 512 is my favorite


    1024 map size; super laggy :/

    256, liked 512 better
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    Is there a way to actually increase the height of the generations for a server? I mean not only raise the limit, but actually create tall mountains and distribute ore evenly, ETC.
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    Sweet that it works with 256 I hadn't tried it, did you change anything other than the world height variable? All sorts of problems show up with 512 / 1024.

    This is done automatically today, there isn't a separate variable for "max build height" vs "generate the world height" although these should be able to be split eventually.

    So when you pick 1024 for the height for instance the ocean will be at 511 and mountains will go all the way up to 1024 in some places.

    Ore distribution is done in percentages of the build height i believe.

    Should be relatively easy when bukkit for 1.9 is out, doing it for 1.8 would be a nightmare.

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    You are honestly magic. I'm like a caveman amazed by lightning and fire here but I don't care. Have my babies?
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    Do you have an idea of how difficult it would be to change ocean level?

    Maybe it's a pipe dream, but I'm thinking that setting a map at 384 height and using the extra 128 blocks just for extra mountain height wouldn't be a bad tradeoff of VS performance on less boosted systems... ?

    In any case, thanks for working on this, I'm looking forward to implementing it when it's stable :)
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    Don't care about edges, but desperately want to raise the ceiling on my existing terrain.
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    This is actually really easy to set, although it just changes the water height, it doesn't change the way things are generated at all, so if you set it lower than the normal ocean depth you'll have no oceans at all.
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    There's a file that sets the height limit for SMP but it doesnt generate tall mountains or anything. Could someone please elaborate on how to do that?
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    I would quiet like that... Mountans are tall enough as they are, IMO but I could need some more space to build, espeacially in Multiplayer
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    just one file? does it adjust it for the client aswell? where is this file!
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    any pre_2 patch?
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    Here ya go, haven't fully tested these yet but short of any bugs introduced with pre2 they should work, note that multiplayer over 256 may still act funny:



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    Does anyone has a server client for bukkit? (256)
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    CraftBukkit will not be out for 1.9 until 1.9 final is out. It is very difficult (ie not worth it) to add this functionality to 1.8 due to how the programming was done.
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    Is it possible to just raise the "ceiling" without generating the world to the upper limit? So you can build on mountains, I mean. Thanks in advance!
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    Not easily but its possible. Currently a single number is used for both purposes in the MC source, you'd have to go through a lot of files / locations to separate them.

    This is something i want also, my personal goal in this is a playable 1024 multiplayer server where the surface is at the default 63, maybe with taller mountains, etc.

    What I have been doing with my 1.7.3 world, and will try first once 1.9 is out and 1024 multiplayer can be made a reality is to use phoenixTerrainGen (bukkit plugin) to tweak to the terrain generation. This will probably be required anyway to play at 1024 and maybe 512 if you want a more 'normal' world. The default generator settings result in some odd terrain at these heights. Lots of extreme slopes, few flat areas, etc.

    What I did in 1.7.3 is come up with a phoenixTerrainGen configuration that resulted in the ocean being at only block 20 and the average surface at like 25. Obviously this really only works if you want a creative world as there isn't much left to mine, but you can build tall.

    Once I/we can get 1024 or 512 block high worlds working in multiplayer I would try the same approach with phoenixTerrainGen before I go off and play any more with the hard coded generator height. Of course the added benefit of a 1024 high world is that you can put the surface at like 60-100, have plenty to mine for a 'legit' type experience and still have insane build height.
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    Just as heads up 1.9pre3 has a bug that prevents easily providing the same patches to change world height so I won't be posting files for 1.9pre3.

    There are a couple mods on that change the values in the same way I was, their authors may be more adventurous in trying to fix the problem but I'll be waiting for 1.9 final MCP/craftbukkit to play with this more.

    On a high note it appears that the bug was introduced as part of what appear to be some performance optimizations so hopefully tall worlds will work better in 1.9 final.
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    Sounds good.
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    Do you think that, when we can change the height in bukkit, Pheonix Terrain mod will automaticly work with it?
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    Assuming that PTG carries over the accessing of max height from the World object the way its done in 1.9 then yes it should work.

    That said the default world generator is tuned for 128, it may take some tweaking to get it to be reasonable with taller worlds. The hope is that just tweaking the existing values using PTG will be enough to achieve this goal, but certainly isn't guaranteed.
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