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Doesn't updating servers just suck?

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    I don't know what I did wrong, I updated as much as I could, other things can't be updated because devs always abandon their work sometime after it becomes popular. I gathered a server log. (Also reformatted it to be user friendly rather than computer friendly)

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? The server costs money per month and the latest backups were deleted for some reason.
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    From the error, I get: WorldBorder, HeroicDeath, SpoutPlugin, multiplehomes, Lockette, XcraftGate, iConomy, Shortcuts, DispNameChanger, CFBanner, ColorMe, MobBounty, Showcase, and WorldGuard are all out of date. You will need to update these plugins as the developers of the plugins update them. Unless someone comes along and updates one of the plugins before the developer does, you'll just have to wait. This happens on almost every update, and especially this one because of the code clean up.
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    Spout, iConomy, Showcase are for sure up to date. One of them was updated in the last 19 hours. The others were last updated months ago or longer, xcraftgate is abandon and there is no replacement. :/
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    In the poll you should put a sometimes option...
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    WorldBorder is up to date, I know because I use it on my bukkit 1.2 server at this very moment in time.

    SpoutPlugin, you'd have to give them some time to get all their reflection in order, you're just gonna have to live with that one.

    Lockette also has an update out, as does iConomy.

    Methinks you just are lazy when it comes to updating your plugins.
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    Dude, did you not understand what I said? I said I just updated every single plugin that had an update. And most of them DID have an update. How can I be lazy if I checked for all their updates and the updated plugins did not work huh?
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    You can't use a 1.1 spout on a 1.2 server.
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    When I checked it said spout had been updated in the last 19 hours, what the hell... I'll go check my updates again now against the dev versions. Doesn't change the point that all the others were updated as well.

    Last I checked, which is today. I updated everything that had an update and redownloaded everything else:
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