Manhunt plugin (hide and go seek at night)

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    I just had another idea. It would be awesome if there was a manhunt plugin. Manhunt, if you don't already know what it is, is a childish game similar to hide and seek where there are two teams. The game is played at night, and one team hides and sneaks around while the other team tries to find and tag them.

    The plugin would be simple:
    /manhunt create <name of game> <max players (number)>
    • This would be the basic game creation command.
    /manhunt editteams <name of game> <number of teams>
    • This would allow you to edit the number of teams in your game. By default, there would be 2 teams.
    /manhunt join <name> <team number>
    • This command is for those who want to join the game. The player decides which team he wants to be on, or the plugin will randomly assign a team if there is no team number specified.
    /manhunt start <name of game>
    • declares the beginning of the game. once the game starts, the searching team will be frozen in place and not able to move. Then, a countdown will start for the hiding to run away. Once the game commences, the hiding players' speeds will be reduced to 75% (otherwise it would be impossible). I a hiding person is tagged by a seeking player, the hiding person will now automatically be switched to the other team and has to seek out the rest of the hiding players.

    If there is anything that I might have left out that would be useful to have in the game, leave a comment below. Once again, I don't know how to use mysql, so it would really take the work of someone else who is capable.
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    Yeah this sounds like a great idea. The only features I would request is that it is an actual manhunt, for pvp, and that it would have factions support, so you could have manhunts of factions. I don't know if there are hooks to freeze players, but im sure if not you could teleport the searching team to a "lounge" to wait while the other teams spreads out in a certain area. Multi-world support would also be cool, I plan to have a world for pvp games like this.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Cool idea, but fairly complex. I know in the plugin I just submitted, I had a feature that surrounded a user with a type of block. You could run this command at startup on the seeking players, so they can't see, then run it again with air, so they'll be freed to go hunt.

    Also, 75% is a little much, maybe 50% or 25%. Players would barely be able to move if it was 75%.
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    This is a really interesting plugin idea, and one I would love to take on board.
    There's a few things I will not be able to do, however, such as modifying the player's speed.
    I am thinking maybe teleporting the seekers to a specified waiting area, then teleporting them back (or on a random place on the map) to find the hiders.
    Also, maybe the hiders all have to do a command (/sethidden or similar) to say that they are in their hiding spot. Then, they're not allowed to move, and the seekers can only be set free once everyone's done this (or after a set time)...
    They're only ideas, but I will start work on this ASAP, because I like the idea.

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    Connor Mahaffey

    Great ideas, if you need/want any help I'd love to be part of this. Sounds fun, keep the thread updated with your progress!
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