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    What I want the plugin to do: I would like to be able to select rooms (aka shops in a mall) and set them as a plot (could use worldedit wand to select the areas, and command could be /mall setplot).

    I would like it to number the plots in order, then an admin can do /mall assign [plot ID]<Player|Server> (server makes an admin shop). It then gives the assigned player the selected plot. if no number is supplied, it gives them a random one. And admins can do /mall reset [plotID] to reset a plot back to it's original state when assigned.

    Also, players can do can do /mall buyplot [plotID] to buy a plot. If ID is left blank, they are given a random one

    I would also like to be able to place a sign outside of each shop, probibly formatted like this
    Line 1: [Mall]
    Line 2: <shop ID>

    If the shop is unclaimed, I would like it to say [For sale] and allow the players to be able to click that sign and buy the shop. BOSEconomy integration would be nice. I would also like to be able to do /mall setplotprice <plotID> <Price>

    I would also like players to do /mall shop <Open|close> to put iron bar shutters across the door (shops when built have a row of them on top of the door already to indicate the location of the door). I would also like to be able to do /mall close to do the same thing, except with all of the shutters in the mall (including ones across the enterance to the building, they could be selected with the worldedit wand)

    mall.admin.setplot (allows them to create a plot)
    mall.admin.deleteplot (allows them to delete a plot)
    mall.admin.createsign (allows them to create a shop sign)
    mall.admin.force.playershopstatus (allows them to force open/close a shop
    mall.admin.assign (give/remove access to a plot)
    mall.admin.reset (resets a pot back to it's original state
    mall.admin.close (close the mall)
    mall.player: (allows player to do the /mall buyplot command
    mall.player.setshopstate (allows the player to close their shop
    mall.player.usesign (allows players to click on the sign)

    Sorry if I missed any perms

    When for: It can be done by anytime but I would like to have the basic assigning plots and the economy functionality done by the new year if possible.

    I have a very limited knowledge of java, but I can help out a bit with this.

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    Cool idea !

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