Making Custom Items With Resource Packs

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JLID10, Jan 3, 2017.

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    For my server, I want to create custom items such as new armor, tools, etc. I have been using the <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url> Items[/URL]
    plugin which allows me to change the name of an item, make it a new crafting/smelting recipe, and much more. However, for that item in which I create, I was wondering if there is a way to make a resource pack for it so I can have my new item look however I want it to.

    For example, say I want to make a new item called a titanium ingot. I already can give it a name, lore, crafting recipe, and so on but it will just look like and iron ingot, or whatever item I assign it to. So if I were to try to make a resource pack, I could change what the iron ingot looks like but that wouldn't help because all iron ingots would then look different.

    So this might be getting into something that plugins can't do but I don't want to use mods. All I really need is to have a duplicate iron ingot file so I can change how it looks by means of a resource pack, and use the other plugin to do everything else.

    If any of you know how I can do this please help out.

    Thanks :)
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    You can't have two textures for the same item and durability, nor can you swap textures for the same item. You will not be able to use the Iron ingot material as also a titanium ingot.

    You can, however, change the texture for another item that is not being used. For example, a common thing to modify is a Golden Hoe. From there, you can create a texture for a specific durability (e.g. durability 0, 1, or 2) and apply the "titanium ingot" texture/name/data to that specific item's durability. The best part about this is you can have multiple textures for this item because you are changing the durability, so you can have roughly 100+ textured items using a golden hoe as a replacement.

    Since I have never worked with this type of texture change, you will have to look for tutorials on how to change item's textures based on durability. If you need help finding a good tutorial, let me know (by making a new post and tahging me) and I'll try to find one.

    [Edit] Are you using a 1.9+ server? This texturepack thing will only work on versions 1.9 and higher.
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    Yes, I have thought about using another item (no one ever uses a golden hoe) and that will work for what I'm doing. Could you possibly explain more in depth how I can make multiple textured items from just the one golden hoe? The original reason I didn't go with this idea is because I thought I would have to use up an item for every new item I made, but I guess theres another way. The thing is that when I turn the hoe into another item, the new item can still be used as a hoe, but that doesn't matter to much for me.

    But is there no way just to duplicate the iron ingot item and use the copy as my new item? I can understand if it's not possible but if it was I wouldn't have to sacrifice any original items.

    Also, remember all I need to worry about is the texture and the item that I will change the texture on. Everything else such as the item's damage, durability, and so on is taking care of by the other plugin I'm using.

    The Server is 1.11.2 right now and ill try to keep it up to date.
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