Making a player spawn with a book someone wrote?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by techboy291, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I've seen how on some servers you'll spawn with a book that tells you stuff like the rules of that server, and I was wondering how I could code that for my server? Thanks in advance :)
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    Why not just download a pre-made plugin? :eek:
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    Because I'd just rather make my own. And do you know of any plugins that do that?
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    So you are going to make a plugin with no prior knowledge of java, and you want the entire code :confused:
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    Wait what? No. I know how to code. I was just wondering if there were some good methods in the bukkit api that can do things like edit a certain page of a book. I looked through the javadocs a bit for any good methods and I couldn't find any.
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    Use the search function, i remember seeing a good thread about working with books a few weeks maybe months ago :)
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    There is a Temp-Book-API Floating around somewhere, It's rather good for copying things and editing others.
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