Suggestion Make Restrictions (or rules) For Staff Members

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by C.L., Jan 14, 2017.

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    I was told in a PM by staff that moderators have the final decision and that they do make the calls on whether a plugin can exist just because of the server the requester is using it on. My request on a plugin was locked with no proof because he assumed I intended the plugin for modded servers (when I didn't). :mad:

    There should be a rule on these forums for staff members that they cannot lock threads based on assumption. Assuming and acting on it isn't good for staff to do because assuming is based on thought, not fact. Staff members should only take action on what they know for sure! This rule should be put in place for staff members.

    I added a poll so you can vote. The winning pick should get incorporated into the forums (if it's yes). The votes are displayed publicly, so people can know who voted.
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    I am going to lock this right here. The moderators have final say. If you have an issue with their moderation you can respectfully privately request them to change it, going onto the public forums and posting like this is not going to get you any sympathy.
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