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    I'm still looking for an economy plugin or an add-on that allows players to make money doing everyday things in MC. Killing mobs, attaining an iron ore, diamond, obsidion, etc..

    I remember seeing it on a server over a year ago and loved the idea. Like I would kill a zombie and he'd drop $7 or $18 or whatever and I'd get a couple bucks each time I mined an ore.
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    This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but you might be able to set it up for how you want it to work.
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    There are several plugins that can do this - eg. OtherDrops (my plugin), MobBountyReloaded, ecoCreature or CookieMonster are a few options.

    Here's an example of the Otherdrops configuration (you can configure it however you want):

      - drop: money/2
        message: "You got $2 for mining the ore."
      - drop: money/3
        message: "You got $3 for mining the ore."
      - drop: money/7-18
        message: "You got $%q for killing the zombie."
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    I used this on my server for a while. Does pretty much what you were looking for.
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    Obsidian*, and yes If you were going to reply saying 'Are you the Grammar Police?' Then, Yes I am

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