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    Hey if it is at all possible could someone code me a plugin that has the ability to limit the chance of getting Prot 4, Prot 3, Prot 2, Prot 1, Fire protection, sharpness, fortune, silk touch... Etc Mainly those need to be nerfed to make it more rare to get them from enchanting. Thanks by the way I do have a plugin that somewhat does this however it is quite old and I'm not sure if it works, It did only nerf Silk Touch chance and Fortune chance. Also if the plugin could make a config file where i can edit the percentage rates that would be great thanks!
    Ps I'm doing this because I run a server where donators get prot 1, prot 2 but nothing really higher. So I would like to make it difficult for a player to get that armor, thus making it more valuable. Thanks again

    Hey again here is the link to the previous plugin that nerfed the chance of getting silk touch and fortune not sure if it will help, but here it is.

    Oh ya with that file just change it to a .jar in order to make it work thanks
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    EliteDesign I merged your triple-posts into one file. Please use the Edit button to add more information, rather than creating a new post.
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