Make defined Permissions groups have custom drops on death

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    Does anybody know of a plugin or combination that would allow me to set a permissions group which would not drop their inventory, but instead drop custom items?

    On my server, we have Survivalists, who use the mcmmo skills mod, and Builders who get kits.
    On of the Survivalists has started asking to teleport to people, than flat out murdering them and stealing all their stuff.
    The builders got wise to it and deny his requests now, so instead he's been wandering the landscape and assassinating them with his wolf pack which he's been picking up on those very same travels.

    Personally, I think this is fucking cool. However, since Builders can spawn diamond tools this creates a bit of a glaring loophole in my system.
    So rather than just straight turn off pvp, I'd like a way to make Builders lose their inventory on death, and perhaps drop a few arrows and a gold bar instead.

    I can also see this being useful for servers with users roleplaying as monsters, or a pariah class that exists only to be hunted.

    tl;dr - permissions group loses inventory on death
    - permissions group drops items on death

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