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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by FisheyLP, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. That would be cool because the normal forums on the phone browser are very hard to use
    Or a mobile version of this site

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  3. @FisheyLP You could use the TapaTalk api.
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    There's no point in making an app. From my understand Bukkit is dead, and it's only a matter of time until the forums are too.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Everything dies some day, the question is whether it is worth the effort to make something for it. And if not: you had practice.
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    Not everything dies, if it is passed onto a successor(s).
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    And this cycle will continue until the successor's don't have their own successors.
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    I don't think an app is necessary. I think an actual mobile version (not the XFStop theme) would be better. I haven't used XenForo, but it seems to me that XenForo can let you easily create a mobile version. I don't know why Curse hasn't done this yet. I would be happy to hear why.
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    @teej107, the fact that there isn't a mobile version has confused me since the beginning. While the site does work fine on android, trying to view it on a mobile Apple device is a living hell. Every time you type something the text box it becomes deselected due ads reloading. It does show android's supremacy though.
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    Bukkit as a Minecraft server implementation is not dead, it is alive and well. But Bukkit as a site (including these forums) is dying.

    Right now, these forums have 18 members online. The Spigot forums have 176 members online. If this site wants to remain relevant, they need to step up and embrace the New CraftBukkit and add new features to the forums, etc.
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    As of yesterday it seems, bukkit forums are now compatible with tapatalk. Curse gets it.

    EDIT: Can't find the official site.
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    It has always been...
    It was just disabled for a few days and just reenabled 10 minutes ago.
  13. Its cool that it supports TapaTalk but how do I add the bukkit forums to it? Just installed..
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    @FisheyLP, I'm trying to figure it out myself. The UI of this app sucks...
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    only thing i see with the mobile app version of forums is the availability depending on network ip.
    ive accessed these forums from a few libraries and been denied access because the ip address for the library has been banned on these forums.
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    This. There is no purpose in using this forum anymore, hasn't been for some time now. I don't know what hope the people who run the site are clinging to, but I'll have what they're drinking :D
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    An app might be good for people who want to make it a plugin for Xenforo. Although Xenforo as a forum software, however good it may be, is closed sourced and cost a lot so there is a low possibility for this.
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