Major Lag Issues 1.3.1

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fluxty, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I just found something out guys.
    If you ping the server from a 1.3.1 client, You get a very high ms (In my case 1500ms and higher)
    If you ping it from the command prompt in windows, you get a wayyy lower ms (I got 200ms)
    So I made a vanilla server, tested the steps above, and it was the same.
    So im thinking its not bukkit but instead it is the minecraft client.
    The thing that is really confusing me is that I saw some servers that run 1.3.1 bukkit and when I ping it on 1.3.1 client, it gets around 200ms.
    So now im not sure if its bukkit or minecraft...
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    I'm sponsored by BeastNode + donations pay for server.
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    I was running at a view distance of 8, going to check how running at 10 runs.
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    i-7 990x, 24gigs viper ram, 16gigs dedicated to bukkit server, solid-state drive. with or without plugins all my players expeiance a hudge lag problem even though server says its fine and my net speed is higher then most. 1.3.1 is new and will take awhile to addapt, wich is why i hate the fact most players jump to newest version as soon as they can. leaves us server handlers trying to resolve and fix whats rong while they still are. sorry for my mispelling. however with understanding of how this ussualy works with bugs and fixes, does anyone here acually have a solid reson to why it is lagging more? ive changed my ticks, loads, chunks, u name it i cant keep it from lagging.
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    Sponsered? how can you be sponsered?
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    Have to email them and ask if you can get a sponsorship deal for having a lot of servers.
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    Oh, well i applied for staff tho, and i happy for paying for their great service
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    Still mahor lag spikes in the newest DEV version for me, any ideas?
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